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It's been a long week at work for a 4 day week. The software update I am to test still hasn't been installed and working. And it seems any environment I need to work in (different versions of software) manages to get tied up or brought down to do stuff. Grr...

Woke up to a little wet snow on the ground. Dressed Alan only to have him complain the size 11 snow boots I bought him didn't fit. So I put on the size 12 pair I had. (The size 11 was free, the size 12 only 5.00, so nothing really wasted). Then we got out to the car, only to discover I couldn't find a scraper. Ended up using a plastic bag to clean with. And Alan had to listen to his "Best Day Ever" CD yet again. At least when I got to the bus it wasn't too late. Then when I went to play my cell phone game (Atomic Dove), I'd been locked out. Surprisingly customer service answered right away and reset my password. Whew.

At least another problem has been resolved. Target managed to fix my online access. Somehow they managed to think that a do not call acount for overdue notices means no online access during a change or conversion???

Visiting our friend with 1 year old (just turned 1) twins this weekend and getting rid of stuff finally. I put Alan's bed on eBay after it flopped on craigslist. Someone's watching it at least (user id is "lesliepear" if you want to look - I'm not shipping it though)

Back to (lack of) work.
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I have been feeling down lately, unmotivated and unfocused at work. I also haven’t been sleeping well and feeling anxious. I also can’t get motivated at home lately and hide in front of the computer. I’ve also been eating a bit and gained some weight. I think I’m a bit depressed – my Xanax ran out this summer and I didn’t get a new prescription because I didn’t see the doctor. I think my Zoloft alone isn’t doing the trick. I see the psy doctor on Tuesday or I may cancel him and see my regular doctor on Thursday as scheduled.

Told Mark about it and he was all concerned which is good. He agreed to help more with Alan (thank you). I also let him know it was more of the blues and not the REALLY serious dangerous stuff.

Earlier this week a coworker gave me a better copy of Cars. So after going to Liquidators and finding water shoes for Mark for the trip, when we got home Mark showed it to him. Bad idea. Alan was up past 11 PM with it. I’ve told Mark that Alan must go to bed earlier once his class starts on Thursday.

Alas, he isn’t moving up in daycare since he’s not toilet trained. He belongs with the older kids there, but will only go if you take him at this point. And only a few times at home (yes, we’ve been lazy about it- I think in my case it’s part of my blues.)

I hope the trip is fun, I’m going with the idea it’s an adventure. 27 people are in the group with about 10 kids. Someone’s bringing a portable DVD player (so not-so-roughing it). I’ll try to get photos!


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