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I was just thinking of the costumes that Alan's worn so far:

Age 2 weeks - a cute sleeper with black cats on it (he didn't even leave the house at that point). I actually got the same sleeper for his next Halloween also. I think I took a photo of him on the couch with our black cats we had at the time.
Age 1 year - a cute fleece fireman costume with hat and firetruck slippers (the costume was on a great clearance @ Old Navy, just before the costumes for the current Halloween came out).
Age 2 years - a cute Old Navy white race car driver jumpsuit - he loved driving at the time. (I bet he'd still like this one if it came in his size, he'd be Speed Racer)
Age 3 years - a Superman costume - we got it at Walmart and I have no idea why - I have one bad polaroid snapshot of him wearing it at the daycare costume parade saved somewhere.
Age 4 years - Thomas the Tank Engine Costume (3.00 at a yard sale)
Age 5 years - Thomas the Tank Engine again
Age 6 years - Thomas again (HIS CHOICE). I do have a Cars costume I got as a freebie as a backup, although I think it's a little small.

I can almost picture next year's costume being a steam train engine (not a cute Thomas train)!
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Sigh. I miss Moxie and Inky today. I always used to JOKE about putting them in the window with suction cup for Halloween decorations. Alan's at daycare where he has a Halloween parade at 10. Then one at the public school around 1. Then I want to go to a local Mall after 5 and walk around (our condo isn't good for trick or treating). I'm so glad my boss is letting me work from home, even with the reason "Halloween" in the time tracking system.

Alan is Thomas the Tank Engine (with no hat, it never appeared - I'll probably find it when we move out in many years!)

I have my Halloween socks on, my black cat earings and an Old Navy shirt which has a tiny black cat on it!


Oct. 16th, 2006 11:02 pm
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I am now the mom of a 4 year old!

Alan's party went very well. We had a sunny day (a bit windy which messed up the decorations 3 of 4 balloons escaped somewhere). We had about 8-10 kids there and about 8 or so parents. Everyone enjoyed the park, the kids played, the parents chatted. The pizza and cake went well. There was a little league football game on in the park (but this way the rest rooms were open). One boy crashed the party and helped us with the pull string pinata - but I didn't mind, there was enough candy!

Alan got a lot of good presents - from a set of McDonalds Cars cars (from us via eBay), to a remote control Lightning McQueen, a Sponge Bob Sweatsuit, Geotrax trains, Diego art set and game and a few more things. The oddest present was a giant Hershey's kiss, and someone else gave Halloween PJ's and a scary treat bag - but no really AWFUL presents :). He got 2 cars with the wrong age (3 and 5), but as I'd forgotten to write it was his 4th birthday I guess that would happen.

I will do the park again next year or the county park - I feel like I proved that simple parties can still work :)

On Saturday Alan and I went to Walmart to get last minute stuff. On the way back I hit a few yard sales. We did REALLY well. We got the Thomas tote for 1.00 (it holds the little metal trains) and a Little Tikes easel for 2.00! Later we went with our friend Dave to Lodi Buffet (the one with the fish) for lunch and then to a street fair in Hackensack. Dave showed us a thrift shop in Hackensack I'd never been to - he got 2 nice coats there (a black wool and a leather one) for 10.00 each - the leather one was just dropped off by a doctor's wife (the shop supports a local hospital, the one where Alan was born) that morning. I got for Alan a pair of windpants, a sweater, and terry bathrobe for 5.00 total. I'll be back.

The weekend hadn't started so well. We'd gone out Friday night to go to Trader Joe's and then to the local burger place (Fireplace) per Alan's request. When we left Trader Joes, somehow when I opened the car door, it hit Alan on the head. We went to my MILs to take a better look at it as he had a bump. He seemed ok, so we went home after eating dinner there - it's faded to a bruised line now - 3 days later. But I felt AWFUL and was scared.

I still have a lot of straightening to do and some how the cap to Alan's Thomas costume has disappeared. I know it was washed in the house and I thought it was on his closet door with the costume. Sigh, I have a week or so to find it. Guess I will have an excuse to empty the messy closet!


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