Dec. 10th, 2008 05:17 pm
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I've managed to come down with some sort of cold. And on top of that I tripped this AM getting off the bus (because I was looking at my cell phone trying to play Sims2). I scraped one knee (fortunately pants didn't rip) and sprained/twisted my ankle. I hope I can go into work tommorrow and go out to dinner with the local mom's group. One member is moving to Alaska (her DH loves to hunt) and this is her going away dinner.

And at home, I still need to put up the holiday lights and ornaments etc. And Alan has been bugging me to play with a racetrack game he has. Well, he asked our friends (two "uncles")  to come over and play but the two he asked weren't able to make it for one reason for another.

This weekend Alan has his late 6 year checkup. Then we are going to the Poconos to check out 2 houses - several years ago we saw 2 houses and bid on one - only to have the offer turned down. The house we bid on was around 135K, we see one now at 116K that looks really cute. Not sure how practical this is now that Alan has activities here like soccer but it could be for retirement (we aren't the Florida types). We shall see how it goes.


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