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Mar. 28th, 2009 09:51 pm
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Because someone has to "snark" it!

I think Nick was out of the way friendly to Disney this year - having Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers there. Both got awards, the Jonas Brothers performed (and got slimed). Also the High School Musical cast was there and the cast + Vanessa Hudgins got awards.

Some of the awards were mysteriously reduced to one lines on the screen though - Selena Gomez and one of the Sprouse twins won for best actor/actress. But ICarly beat Hannah Montanna for best show (makes Alan and I happy!) Also both althete awards were reduced to one lines also. They got out of the mess they had with music with Chris Brown/Rhinna - having the Pussycat Dolls perform (now Alan likes them) + the Jonas Brothers.

And in the one category I thought would be interesting - books which came down to Twilight vs. Harry Potter - Twilight won (teen girl vote I bet!). DH said the actor from the movie who was there to get the award looked like Donny Osmond...hmmmm.

Duane Johnson is well-built, even in crazy clothes!

Oh and as far as ads for upcoming events - the Nickelodeon movie with Eddie Murphy looks eeeh, I want to see the Night at the Museum sequel and I was shocked to see a Star Trek movie promo. I'm not a big original series fan (although I grew up on the reruns on WPIX in NYC) - it looks good from an effects point of view. Will it fly with the younger generation - not sure. I probably won't see it, but it's more of the not as into it as I once was feeling - although I have a lot of acquaintances/contacts in the sci-fi world - I've drifted away.
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I signed. I know those usually don't do much good - but Nickelodeon really shouldn't be promoting either of them (especially at the same show) right now.

By the way, I would not sign a petition regarding Michael Phelps. Yes, he did an illegal act (using a bong which was photographed) however he didn't harm anyone other than himself and seems to show remorse for his actions.
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I am slowly sinking into the swamp again at work. (Many years ago on my cat list the phrase being swamped somehow got twisted to being in the swamp...I've liked it that way ever since). Another co-worker resigned. She found work closer to home and being that's she's a new mom, I don't blame her. Meanwhile another co-worker left last month to work on a restaurant (Afagani, his nationality) with his wife's family. And another one is officially out on maternity leave after having a little boy on Saturday.

But I have found time to be out and about. Last week I went to a Q/A professional group meeting. Ran into an old boss (fortunately one I liked) and met some new people in the industry. Tonight I attended a WPI alumni event (the president came to NYC to share info - and raise $). I saw some people I did know, and some I didn't know. No classmates, but it's nice to find people with a common background to chat about things unique to our college experience.

The Kids Choice 2009 nominees are out. This year's selections SO deserve a snark - they try so hard to pseudo-balance between Nickelodeon (who runs them) and Disney it's not funny, even to someone whose TV is stuck on Nickelodeon most of the time.

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