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Doesn't that sound better than tax day!

Ours are done. I have to clear up something with NY state due to making an amendment to 2007 while doing 2008 taxes - glad I'm waiting till Friday to call them. Oddly enough DH and I are working from home Friday. I have a conference call with India at 8:30, he's got some vendors to contact later in the AM.

I have tracked down our elusive Little League and will call later to find out what team Alan is on and if/when he has practice since Opening Day is Saturday.  At least I have cleats for him (2nd hand) but I suspect I'll eventually have to get him a glove. (He's a lefty, there's always a zillion righty gloves but not enough lefties at softball/baseball/t-ball games in my experience).

Last night I attended the PTA  meeting to go over the budget/meet the school board candidates. I took 6 candidates for 3 seats to mean something is going on. That wasn't the case, it was just that some people were interested. Alas, none seem to be interested in looking into another HS for our district (I don't like the one we go to since our district is just pre-k-8.) I did submit a question "Would you consider alternatives to Ridgefield Park HS" - it got replaced by the similar but not the same "Do you consider Ridgefield Park and Bergen Tech HS" safe for our kids"? Considering that 32.5% of the budget goes to tuition for HS - including Ridgefield Park/Vo Tech/special needs - it was a valid question. I did find one of the few audience members to agree with me, if only we could get a critical mass someday (I have discussed this before and gotten some agreement). It's hard to change when most of the board people are long time residents and/or attended the HS themselves.

I'm not ready to run or be more agressive yet - lack of time to do so right now. I'll lurk and wait.

I need to blog about our trip to NC later on when I get the photos off the camera.
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Yesterday was our school board elections. We have about 10,000 people in town. Alan and I walked over to the school after I picked him up from daycare. I let him in the booth with me and let him press buttons with my guidance, but I pressed the final submit button. (I probably wouldn't have let him press the buttons if it had been a more contested race or a race at a higher government level, but I doubted the school board results would get challenged)

And here are the results:
Three-year term
Anne DeLuca* 255
Ashish Joshi* 218
Suzanne Ferrante 261
(All unopposed, the * means incumbent)

School budget ( $14,859,870) 248 (YES) 165 (NO)
Should the district raise an additional $2,400,000 for a new roof and HVAC upgrades at Memorial School? 293(YES) 120 (NO)

The roof was a big deal - apparently the roof repairs are being done at No Tax Payer cost and the district did a big push to get people to vote for it. To me, it was ok - if you need a roof, you need a roof, and if it doesn't cost me, go for it!

Edited to remove the very wide table
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A few things not mentioned in the article - the street runs behind Teterboro airport and the house that was broken into is the last house before the street goes into the next town and turns entirely commercial. (A report on the radio today gave the address, so I drove past it). Also across the street is a daycare center (not the one Alan goes to).



Aug. 28th, 2006 07:32 am
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Forgot to mention at family fun day, they had someone from Starbucks giving out samples of coffee. There is a Starbucks opening on Rt 46 (the old Liberty Bagels, before that Boston Market, even before that Roy Rodgers) in October. It's walking distance from us!


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