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1. When was the last time you went on vacation (where a vacation means time away from work/school and not at home)?

April 2009, we took a Thursday/Monday road trip to North Carolina to visit a friend.

2. When on vacation, are you more likely to do and see as many things as possible or kick back and watch the world go by?

Kind of both - we aren't the type to sit still, but it is fun to relax in a comfy place.

3. You're visiting a new place. Would you rather go shopping or hit the museums?

Actually, we'd rather hit the outdoors (parks). But museums are fun also. We hit a few on our recent NC trip but also ended up at a mall, not to shop per say - but for Alan to check out the playground. We do however have a habit of hitting interesting supermarket/farm stands etc on road trips.

4. Where are your favorite vacation spots?

Ithaca where we go cabin camping each year. I also liked Toronto/Niagara Falls from our honeymoon.

5. Do you have any vacation-specific fears or worries, like a fear of flying or of forgetting your toothbrush?

Do car breakdowns count? We managed to have a dead battery on our trip to North Carolina. Fortunately this happened in a parking lot right in front of a Pep Boys (which we used after discovering AAA wanted $100.00 for a battery).  Forgetting stuff is a pain, but for the most part we vacation near places with stores, so I can get what I need. I do worry about forgetting my thyroid medicine since Rx's are hard to fill in other places.
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Heard on Q-104 tonight while going to the doctor's office. (nasal stuff, I'm ok):

40 years ago today was the famous Jets/Raiders Heidi Bowl Game where NBC cutaway from the game with 2 minutes left to show the movie Heidi. After the cutaway, the Raiders scored two touchdowns and went on to win! The story that was being told (which involved a station engineer's father) was that there were so many phone calls protesting the decision that the Bell telephone switchboards couldn't handle it - short ciruiting). So no one could put the game back on until someone personally went to 30 Rockefeller Center and told them about it - but it was too late!

In 2008, people would have simply been texting and e-mailing NBC while trying to find the game on the internet (and being annoyed about not being able to use their huge, fancy HD TV's to see it!

Time Warner did come by today and hook up my TV. They claimed I had to set something on the box to get the sound to work. Suprisingly the tech on the phone didn't tell me that (nor do they give you instructions with the box). I did manage to get 1 month free as a credit. I do hope however when 2009 comes around that I won't have do go up to channel 700 to find the real HD broadcasts for the local channels, it's confusing.

My call with India went fine and I was able to help them. But from what I've seen of the issue I was helping them with, I think it would be faster to call in a programmer and debug it rather than waste more customer service time reproducing it. (I was a programmer in a long ago life...sometimes I wonder if I could do it still.)

I've got a few things I'm looking for lately that I can't find or don't have time to find:

  • A dummy cigarette lighter for DH's car. I have one on mine (the 2004 Cavalier) that covers the cigarette (err accessory) outlet - so it does exist. I've also seen them with no smoking symbols. But autoparts stores and ebay haven't helped :(
  • A key cover/cap. I have almost identical keys for both cars with black rubber tops. I was looking for one of those cap things so I can tell them apart on my key chain (unless I paint my top with pink nailpolish).
  • Recipies for a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic friend - so I can make/have something for him to eat when he comes over.
  • Snow boots for Alan (size 1, preferably black). They seem expensive in Target, can't find second hand ones (not much on eBay), and even though it's mid November, Walmart still doesn't have any althought they have lots of winter stuff like boots, hats, gloves, snow shovels etc.


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