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(Does anyone else remember this commercial, does the spaghetti even exist anymore?)
Alan and I were back to our usual places yesterday, this was a quick running cold at least. Tonight is “Open School Night” – basically it is public relations to get the school budget passed in next week’s election. All 3 of us will stop by to say hi to Alan’s teacher though. I doubt anyone else will come, so it’s a free parent-teacher conference. We went last year, although they did schedule it on Passover. (At least they learned from that this year).
On Monday when we were home, I was doing laundry. Often when I do laundry, Alan follows me out into the hall across the hall to the laundry room. Unfortunately he chose to do it when the door was locked – so he and I were locked out for about an hour. He had his cars to play with at least, but my feet were cold as I was just about to put socks on. It was actually good for us to spend time together without TV – we looked out the windows a lot and played games. And the last load of laundry did finish while we were out there. (Actually the only reason I’d done that load was that he leaked when we napped.)
And the past 2 mornings I’d managed to squirt hair styling goo (Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk – good stuff) on my shirt while dressing. I’m spazzy.
Yesterday, I offered to stop at Gap to help out an online friend. She wanted this shirt for her son
She ended up getting it elsewhere, but I ended up getting it for Alan. It’s really cute – if only the weather would warm up so he could wear it!
Anyway, back to work…..
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CompUSA to close 11 of 12 NJ Stores

This is a surprise that they'd close all of them near us. CompUSA was one of my shopping favorites over the years. Back in the Dot Com days, we'd be going every Sunday to the Totowa store (as the Paramus ones were closed on Sundays) to get whatever was free after rebate that week. We even noticed some regular customers in the pre-opening crowd! And the day before Alan was born, Mark and I were there getting DVD's (or was it CD's?) that were free after rebate!

Hopefully there will be bargains to be had during the closing sale!


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