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Oct. 19th, 2006 04:24 pm
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I really need to learn that sleep is NOT optional! I think better when well rested.

Anyway Alan did something amusing last night. But it needs a little background.

Every night we have Nickelodeon on the TV. Last night after Sponge Bob Square Pants was Zoey 101. (This show stars Jamie Lynn Spears, Brittany’s younger sister). During this particular episode – Zoey (Jamie’s character) leads a team of her friends in a robotics fight against some other students. Zoey’s robot was blue and white and the bad guy’s robot was large, square and had a hammer on it. Alan identified the bad guy’s robot as Diesel 10 from the Thomas characters (same claw thing) and the blue robot as Thomas. Anyway, after the blue robot was destroyed, Quinn (the eccentric girl genius) saves the day with her little pink robot zapping the bad guy’s one – Alan thought it was Lady (because it was pink).

I could help but find amusement in the fact that he dubbed these totally unrelated robots into Thomas trains! I doubt that the writers of Zoey 101 planned on appealing to little boy train fans!

Alan is expressing his thoughts better these days. Last night he was tantrumming between watching Gumby and going to Shoprite with Daddy (Shoprite eventually won) – but he did verbalize his conflicting thoughts as he flip-flopped over which to do.

Today was Alan’s picture day in the public school program he goes to. I dressed him in a Naartjie sweater with matching Naartjie corduroy pants. He also had on his new Carter’s shoes which really cute and he liked them – showing them off to a little girl we saw when we parked the car near the bus this AM. I think Alan is the only child in our district of 961 students wearing Naartjie today, let alone owning any. Every other formal photo I have of him is in Gymboree, decided to try something different!


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