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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

I was treated for thyroid cancer. It's been almost 6 years since my sugery and RAI, and I'm fine. I'm grateful though to advances in treatment (thyrogen) that allowed minimal disruption to my life while successfully conquering cancer.

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It's pouring from TS Hanna and DH and Alan are in Alan's room watching a Three Stooges DVD. Not my thing, but amazing to think it still brings laughs 70+ years later.

Alan had soccer practice on our brand new soccer field (artifical turf) last night. Hope it will be ok with the rain - there's supposed to be an opening day parade tommorrow. New team, new coach, new teamates. Need to replace the 2nd hand cleats I'd gotten him - they are baseball not soccer ones - but they'll be ok for tommorrow.

Packed his backpack for Monday's start of Kindergarten. On Friday we stopped by the school so I could see where his classroom was. His teacher turned out to be there (she seems very nice). Her aide had Alan in his first year of disabled pre-k, so it was nice to see a familiar face. I also saw some names I knew on the sign she had for the class. It was worth stopping by :) We then checked out a local library book sale and a local park. Alan loves pony rides now. We also looked around the zoo - he's been there a few times this year and loves it - not like when he was a toddler and would just zoom past everything.

He's still bossy at home and I hope that calms down after school starts. Otherwise we may see if we can get some help curbing it at home.

I had my annual visit to Sloan Kettering at the end of last month. All is well, I don't need to go back till August 2009. But I've got some sort of congestion now and my chest feels tight. Hope it goes away, I just got over being sick in Mid August :(

Labor Day weekend we did our annual camping trip to Ithaca. Had a good time, although didn't hike much. I did go in the waterfall pool, wasn't brave enough to try jumping off the diving board. Need to get in shape for next summer to try it. We checked out the Farmer's Market (very crunchy with all sorts of interesting eats - asian/organic etc - but NO pickles!)

Today we had company - our friend Dave stopped by to tell us about his singles cruise - he met some people, but it was an interesting itenary as it was diverted due to Hurricane Hanna. Then a friend of DH's from high school he hadn't seen in 29 years stopped by - he and DH reconnected on classmates.com. Neither one noticed our messy place fortunately.

Anyway, I've got some rebates to send out and paperwork to sort so that's all for now.
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This is how I was treated at Sloan Kettering for my thyroid cancer. It had been approved for diagnostic use at the time, not treatment. I hope I was one of the successes that led to its approval.

(I was scared about the lack of FDA approval at the time...but it was an effectiveness issue and not that the drug was unsafe.)


Aug. 23rd, 2006 12:22 pm
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Other than the long time getting the neck ultrasound done, yesterday's appointment went ok. I have a tough time at Sloan for 2 reasons.

I don't feel very sick - I feel healthy, especially compared to some of the people I see. While waiting for the ultrasound I saw a man with not much hair in a wheelchair with some sort of tube (with red stuff) in his lap. Then when I was headed toward the place where they take blood, I passed another waiting area. That had several sick people there - in wheel chairs and someone lying flat in a hospital bed.

Then when I leave Sloan, I am near where my late grandmother used to live at 3rd Avenue and 64th. This time, I actually walked up 64th street past her apartment building. It reminded me of a story. I had been estranged from my grandmother for a while before my mother died in 1993. After her death my ex and I went to visit my grandmother. I was telling my ex that she lived in an apartment building with a doorman. He said like Carlton on Rhoda? I said yes. So we walk up to the building and what is the name of the building - "Carlton Towers". Still makes me chuckle.

I stopped at Gymboree before heading back to work - it cheers me up. I got Alan a plaid shirt for back to school and shorts cheap for next summer. I have no idea how I'll be cheered up when Alan outgrows Gymboree - but I have a few years.

Last night we went to Family Dollar (to look for cheap Tom and Jerry DVD's for Alan - they had none) and the Bergen Mall to return the defective shoes for Alan to Payless. Sadly checking all of the shoe places in the mall turned up no shoes for Alan I liked - I'm looking for a brown casual that either slips on or velcros with a sneakery bottom (not a dress shoe flat one) in size 11. Afterwards Alan was saying he wanted a burger so we went to Burger King. Blech - it was slow and disorganized. They almost gave us fries not the applesauce we ordered - they switched it but some fries fell out in the bag - so he wound up with some fries. They were out of the Ant Bully toys for kids meals - we got some paper dinosaur thing that Alan didn't care for. And Alan drank the juice, ate the fries, some of the applesauce and the pickles but not the burger. I wish we'd just gone home - it was late already.

Mark's following up on some health stuff - nothing serious - but he needs to switch allergy medicines (possibly causing a fast heart rate) and get a colonoscopy (family history). And a friend suggested a nutritionist so we could all eat better - anyone ever use one (is it covered by insurance?)

I scheduled a checkup for myself yesterday. Amazingly enough there was an opening on the day I'm working from home next month. I'm still waiting on the results from yesterday's visit - but the blood test is in. Hopefully it will be a continue as usual and I won't need more tests for a while.


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