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My alma matter WPI sent out mail looking for contributions from alumni.


This mailing talked about accomplishments of various alumni. One was involved in air plane design in the 1940s. Another came up with an early idea for airbags. A third was involved with the Hubble Space Telescope. The fourth alumn from the early 2000s was a founder of Foursquare.


The last one was on the R&D team at Proctor and Gamble that developed the Swiffer!


I'm still amused by the last one!

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I am slowly sinking into the swamp again at work. (Many years ago on my cat list the phrase being swamped somehow got twisted to being in the swamp...I've liked it that way ever since). Another co-worker resigned. She found work closer to home and being that's she's a new mom, I don't blame her. Meanwhile another co-worker left last month to work on a restaurant (Afagani, his nationality) with his wife's family. And another one is officially out on maternity leave after having a little boy on Saturday.

But I have found time to be out and about. Last week I went to a Q/A professional group meeting. Ran into an old boss (fortunately one I liked) and met some new people in the industry. Tonight I attended a WPI alumni event (the president came to NYC to share info - and raise $). I saw some people I did know, and some I didn't know. No classmates, but it's nice to find people with a common background to chat about things unique to our college experience.

The Kids Choice 2009 nominees are out. This year's selections SO deserve a snark - they try so hard to pseudo-balance between Nickelodeon (who runs them) and Disney it's not funny, even to someone whose TV is stuck on Nickelodeon most of the time.

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Remember I posted about my college reunion being held on Halloween?

I decided to get involved with the reunion committee to see if that could be changed.

Well, it's looking a lot like it will be changed to June. And the college is looking into child care for attendees (the classes of 1989 and 1999 are also attending that weekend and they'd more likely have younger kids).

Glad I got involved!


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