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It's raining.
I have a cold :(
DH and Alan are watching a Sponge Bob DVD.

Finished decorating the little "Charlie Brown" tree today. Some day, I'll get a better tree than the 6 foot 19.99 Zayre special I bought with my ex in 1988 - but it works.

Alan tossed out the reindeer food he made in school, complete with candy cane on to our melting snow. Never did that when I was a kid, I left carrots for the reindeer, even into my teens. I'll have some eggnog later though. Don't have the Xmas record we always listened to - the one song I remember was Arthur Fielder's "Sleigh Ride" with a horse whinnying in it. Despite being Jewish, we had an Xmas tree covered in tinsel in the basement on the wooden cabinet - it was on top due to our cat Frisky. In later years, we had 2 - there was one on the dinning room table with gold tinsel that my mom rescued at 1/2 price on Xmas eve from Pathmark. I had that one for a while after my mom died, but gave it away - not that you can find tinsel anymore in silver or gold :(

We always had one of these type of tree toppers on the tree - never knew what they were called. My tree has one that's lighted.

I have one wrapped extra-large bakugan (Bakugan Daka) for Alan for under the tree, although he got 2 Hanuka presents already - the Power Rangers action figure he wanted and a folding Hot Wheels Race Track (which is pretty decent for Hot Wheels Track). I wrapped a Hot Wheel car and some extra Bakugan cards for his stocking. (He doesn't really know Bakugan rules yet, nor do I, but I grabbed the cards a while back. I still have 1-2 extra bakugans hidden away for rewards. Since DH is not a stuff person, I don't go overboard - and we don't have room for more stuff anyway. Maybe in the next year or two Alan will get a true video game(Nindendo DS, Wii, Playstation or whatever's next), but for now he has the leapster and the controller game on his TV. (We aren't gamers, I'm a total spaz at most of them. I owned a Sega Genesis in the 1990's that I won in a contest. I left it with my ex as he liked the casino game - if he'd only played that more instead of the real thing).

Most of the vacation looks quiet for us. We are going to the Museum of Natural History on Saturday with friends. Monday DH has to go in to the office due to requests from his big boss. And I have to get Alan to the lab before New Years for routine blood/urine tests from his checkup. (If I do after New Years, it's on the new insurance which I don't have cards for yet.)

Happy holidays to all! I'm being paged to make a racetrack out of non racetrack stuff by Alan (I'm so the engineer....)


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