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Dec. 13th, 2012 07:03 am
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] magsmom at Boosting
Hi all - I heard from an old LJ friend today ([livejournal.com profile] mpacket) that there is a kid out there who really really wants something for Christmas, It's an old toy called a  Mini Baby Orbiter by Einstein. This boy is autistic and it's the first thing he ever specifically requested. Can anyone find one or want to sell an old one?

Get more info here:
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The 98 year old school Alan was in for K-1 (Washington School) this year set up a computer lab permanently for the K-1 kids in basement, and it was flooded out. The teacher, Mr. Sollers, is great and Alan knows word and powerpoint in 4th grade.

The Volunteer Center of Bergen County is accepting cash donations towards the purchase of new laptops! Use the link below and write "Washington School Computer Lab" in the "in honor of" line.


Meanwhile, I heard that Scholastic has donated 10,000 books for all grades to our schools. They will be much appreciated!
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As some of you may know, my town Little Ferry was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy due to a storm surge on the Hackensack River. 80% of the town was affected. People are slowly recovering, but help is needed to get everyone back on their feet

This is the latest way for people to help. Please note that Amazon, Lakeshore, Kmart and Walmart will ship gift cards by mail for free. Makes it very easy to help. (I didn't see free shipping for Target :( ).

Little Ferry Donation Update

Thank you to everyone who has donated school supplies to the Little Ferry Public Schools. At this point, we are only accepting donations in the form of a gift card. We are asking that the gift cards come in the form of $10 and $25 denominations to the following stores:

Lakeshore Learning
Visa/American Express

If you would like to send a check, please make it out to Memorial Middle School Student Activity Fund (MMSSAF). In the memo line, please write “Hurricane Sandy Relief”.

Please send all donations to the following address:

Mr. Frank Scarafile
Superintendent of Schools
130 Liberty Street
Little Ferry, NJ 07643


Nov. 1st, 2012 12:00 am
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I'm working in a local mall today. Thanks to them and Penny's for power/wifi/food.

We are ok, no flood by us. worried about local friends. family is ok.
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But even if I were not, my office is North of the Empire State Building where todays shooting happened. Sadly yet another disgruntled ex-employee with a gun.

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Time for a little redecorating!


Jun. 4th, 2012 10:19 pm
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Alan and I after the 5k yesterday in Little Ferry. I walked, he ran. He did it in about 38 minutes, not bad. I took about 48 minutes.

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Governor Christie of NJ. I personally blame him for the budget cuts that eliminated art from my son's school. 3 years later, still not back :(
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] kyburg at Sign this petition
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] mountain_hiker at Sign this petition
Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin
Why This Is Important

On February 26, our son Trayvon Martin was shot and killed as he walked to a family member's home from a convenience store where he had just bought some candy. He was only 17 years-old.

Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman, admitted to police that he shot Trayvon in the chest. Zimmerman, the community's self appointed "neighborhood watch leader," called the police to report a suspicious person when he saw Travyon, a young black man, walking from the store. But Zimmerman still hasn't been charged for murdering our son.

Trayvon was our hero. At the age 9, Trayvon pulled his father from a burning kitchen, saving his life. He loved sports and horseback riding. At only 17 he had a bright future ahead of him with dreams of attending college and becoming an aviation mechanic. Now that’s all gone.

When Zimmerman reported Trayvon to the police, they told him not to confront him. But he did anyway. All we know about what happened next is that our 17 year-old son, who was completely unarmed, was shot and killed.

It's been nearly two weeks and the Sanford Police have refused to arrest George Zimmerman. In their public statements, they even go so far as to stand up for the killer - saying he's "a college grad" who took a class in criminal justice.

Please join us in calling on Norman Wolfinger, Florida's 18th District State's Attorney, to investigate my son's murder and prosecute George Zimmerman for the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin.

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] mountain_hiker at How cool is this?

The prototype of the propeller clock made of 33 rotating LEDs and the HDD motor

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In the market for a new camera, my 7 MP Olympus is acting up and I lost my camera case Friday night at Izod Center (left it behind I think).  I wonder if there are new cameras with the features I like (uses regular batteries, has a REAL viewfinder and optical zoom) still out there. Looking for a point and shoot plus camera not a DSLR. Suggestions welcomed.

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Dec. 8th, 2011 09:05 pm
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] kylecassidy at post
Clark feels better.

He had surgery and they removed two pieces of corroded metal from his stomach which he likely ingested while trying to eat food attached to it. He can stand on his own now and enjoys people and mealtimes.

The best way you can help Clark or cats like him is by fostering or adopting. City Kitties is currently filled to capacity and in desperate need of foster homes -- people who can care for a cat for a minimum of three months (six months preferred) City Kitties pays all the vet bills. Their foster link is here. There are many cats with stories just as sad as Clark's who are looking for a person who will be kind to them.

Click to donate.

Add me: [LiveJournal] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Google+] [Tumblr]
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The Wii is 99.00 on Black Friday at Walmart. I wonder if this the year we finally get a gaming console. Or should we look at the 199 xbox?


We had a scare where we thought Alans DSi was lost with all the games, but it turned out I'd taken it all away and forgot I did. Oddly enough he forgot also and was either playing my phones games or free online games on the PC. Since we thought it was lost, we ended up acquiring a 2nd DSi (used) and one of those 200 games in one cartridges that people concoct overseas. So now I'll have a DSi. Alan and I have joked for years I should get one. It will be black and not pink though!


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My alma matter WPI sent out mail looking for contributions from alumni.


This mailing talked about accomplishments of various alumni. One was involved in air plane design in the 1940s. Another came up with an early idea for airbags. A third was involved with the Hubble Space Telescope. The fourth alumn from the early 2000s was a founder of Foursquare.


The last one was on the R&D team at Proctor and Gamble that developed the Swiffer!


I'm still amused by the last one!

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skipping the blog thing this year. not enough time or energy lately.

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Branch removed this am. Left a dent, ugly but drivable.

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