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Alan came home from kindergarten today with a note showing he'd gotten a orange card which was a 10 minute timeout from playtime. (For those who don't know - a lot of kindergartens use a 4 color behavior system - green is good, yellow is a warning, orange is a timeout or loss of special treat, red is go to the principals office). What was odd was that the art teacher gave him the orange because he'd used after a bathroom word after he'd had a warning about being talkative (a yellow) earlier in the day by his regular teacher.

Before I'd gotten a chance to e-mail his teacher, she e-mailed me and said it was the child behind him who'd used the bad language, Alan had gotten it for being talkative again in art class. I had still taken Alan's TV privledge for tonight away, but I was glad he didn't use bad language - that's not his type of bad behavior.

We had back to school night last night. Both of us like his teacher a lot. Everyone I've talked to around town who had her for their child's kindergarten was very pleased with her - I can see why. We also saw the laptops the school had purchased for the kindergarteners/1st graders to use. They live on a cart and can be hooked up anywhere in the school as the school was set up for wireless. And the computer teacher seemed nice. I couldn't find the gym, art or music teachers - I was curious what to kindergartners do for gym?

Anyway, unlike a classmate from his daycare, Alan likes kindergarten a lot. He seems happy and well adjusted. And I'm happier now that the hot lunches are available (and he seems to like them also). I really hope we get a cafeteria before Alan leaves 8th grade.

Funny, how I swore we'd move before Alan started school when he was a baby and now I don't want to move until he finishes 8th grade - I'm still not-so-sure about the high school, but it's still 9 years off and a lot can change.

I'm waiting to see if an important software patch is going to be available to test tonight - client needs it to do month end processing - but it looks like I can sleep soundly at this point.

I'm still driving DH's old Geo Prizim back and forth to daycare as we haven't had a chance to look for a car. (He's taking mine on the 30 mile drive to his work). We saw a very low mileage Toyota Corolla 2005 model - on Craigslist which interested us. But after a few e-mails from the seller who wanted to have us send money, then he'd send the car (and claimed it was on an army base in Virgina - then we wrote we'd like to see it) we knew it was too good to be true. Fortunately for us nothing was lost except the time to e-mail, but these spammers can be dangerous.

Bush spoke about the economy tonight. I didn't bother watching. I think the caption on my icon is still true!
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Alan is starting his second week of kindergarten. No homework yet (except send in a family photo which I don't have handy). Today he got a yellow card for being talkative apparently. His coloring in the lines has improved tremendously. He loves to draw and I find drawings on the back of his schoolwork. Today he got marked on his worksheet for starting his zeros from the bottom not the top though :(

He's happy with the before and aftercare where he sees a lot of friends. He's had art, music and gym and will have computers tommorrow.

I will be happier once the hot lunch starts up next week and I don't have to pack lunch. I did find out they do send the containers back home. I really would like to get a thermos for his lunches if/when he brings his spaghetti o's (although he doesn't like them really warm, he'll eat them out of the can!)

He still likes his Thomas trains (and any trains) and still likes Thomas videos and books. He's also getting into Power Rangers and Transformers which I guess is the next stage. I think I will really miss Thomas when he's done. I'm boxing all the Thomas books and trains up for his little ones someday, I think he will appreciate that I'm saving them (and fortunately, it won't take up much space to box them in plastic totes!)

I'm also working out the plans for his birthday party. It will be a bowling party at a local alley (he went to one there last spring) with a Power Rangers theme. His guest list will be some old friends from daycare, friends from school, the boy named Alan we met last summer and our friend's son Jeff. I don't think I'll invite anyone from his soccer team though. The bowling alley takes care of the pizza, cake and goody bags which is nice.

And so far Alan wants to be a pirate for Halloween. I like that - as much as I like Thomas, I didn't want him to do it for the 3rd year in a row!


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