Aug. 29th, 2011 04:24 am
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The hurricane came.
I prepared with water, filling the bath tub, gathering all the batteries, stocking up on food, even a hidden toy for Alan in case of no power driven amusements (cell phone, DS, tv, internet etc). Even got sandbags from the town and bagged my sunken patio door.

We were so lucky! We did not lose power! (I think we did in 1999 for Floyd) FIOS also held up just fine. Our condo complex is in one of the higher points in town fortunately and our patio didnt seem to get anything other than tree debris.

My MIL wasnt so lucky. She lives 15 minutes away.
She has water in her basement (known issues, worse this time). She has no power due to a substation flood and isnt expected to be back for 5 to 7 days.  Other friends in the area have lost power. We have offered to help out if needed with food, showers etc.

We drove to see her yesterday. Had to go a roundabout way due to a flooded area, but no major problems to get to her. We were surprised to see a supermarket open. They said they had a generator. Glad people came to work it also. We rented  a movie "How to train a dragon" and saw it last night.

I am working from home Monday since NJ transit buses may be messed up.  Glad my current place is cool on this.

I also have to pack for our cabin camping trip coming soon.  Seems weird to camping after all this!

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DH and I found a neat new band called Arcade Fire. They'd gotten a lot of press lately in Rolling Stone and Blender, so we borrowed the CD from the library.

They have a lot of New Wave influence (DH is a big fan of that era's music) and I also hear Bruce Springsteen in them (must be the NJ in me!)

A video clip of them is here


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