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Never seem to find time to blog lately between work and Alan. So I've doing a bunch of bullet points:

  • Alan seems to be getting somewhat more independant. He can dress himself (even if he puts on 2 shirts, or pants on backwards). He does ok with matching (but boys have it easier).

  • He's a little better on sitting ON the potty, not using it for #2 alas.

  • Last Sunday during the storm, I finally cleaned out my closet/dresser. Now all I have to do is store my winter stuff in box storage and drop off some clothing for donation. And diet :(

  • Have a bunch of book reviews to post. Most are good reviews - I got a lot of books from Harper Collins (via Blogher) which was nice.

  • The check is in the mail for my $1000.00 deductable from my recent car accident. Thank you Travelers (the other guy's insurance) and Geico (my insurance). I do hope the guy does get some punishment from his employer for backing into my car, since my police department did nothing.

  • I was actually at the police department (boro hall) tonight - in the room where I've gone for traffic ticket court. But it was to register Alan for soccer. He'll play pre-k soccer in the fall. It feels weird as I never did extra-cirricular sports as child. I need to get him shin guards (what size?) - the league supplies the shorts and shirts. And he doesn't need cleats. I also would like to get a size 3 soccer ball for him to practice with. I wonder if he needs one of those athletic supporter things (or is that for older boys?)
    I really signed him up for skills - social and teamwork as well as exercise, I'm not trying to turn him into the next Pele! Any advice on being a "soccer mom" would be appreciated though.

  • We got the invitation to my cousin's son's Bar Mitzvah in June. The ceremony and party are at my cousin's house. He does well in business, so this will be a nice party. I have to confirm that Alan can come (it had been mentioned verbally, but it wasn't on the invitation). And since it is at 5PM on a Saturday I have to figure out what Alan should wear - suit - polo and dress pants - a dressy baby boy short thing (probably he's too old at 4 1/2)? Me, I guess I'll get a cocktail type dress and Mark gets off easy with a clean suit!

  • Watched an old Get Smart episode (or part of it) with Mark and Alan last night. It was one where Hymie the Robot wound up running in an Olympic like event - the techniques used to merge the track stuff with the good guys/bad guys watching in the audience seemed so primitive. And when Hymie the robot was in need of power, he ended up being hooked to the 9 Volt Battery from Agent 99's portable radio - it would be a cell phone or iPod now (and does anything new use 9 Volt Batteries anymore?) But it was still funny - physical humor does hold up

That's all for now. Next post is current event commentary.
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The accident happened on the block where I park my car near Alan's daycare after leaving him at the sitters. It was about 8:20 or so, I had parked my car behind a large delivery truck as there was a nice large space behind it. I got out and was across the street when the truck started up (I hear the engine rev) and he shot backwards into my car with a loud crunch and I screamed!

A police report was filed on the accident - I got the license plate of the truck as it was leaving - I had yelled but he didn't stop. Police cars circle the block since it is near the schools and a permit is required to park there. One drove by right after accident and went looking for the truck - the next one took down the police report information. Later in the day, I called the police department - the driver turned himself in (so no charges apparently) so all the information is there. I also called the apartment complex's office (I park next to a large complex) and they were able to give me the name of the company that delivered stuff at that time (the superindendant saw what happened to my car, although he didn't see the actual accident). I have the insurance info (Traveller's) but not the policy # as the company didn't seem to give me the right info. But my insurance (Geico) has the contact info for the company, so maybe it will get corrected very soon. (I claimed under my policy to start things ASAP, the other company will reimburse Geico and me and I should get my deductable back). The correct info may be on the police report but I won't get it till Friday afternoon (argh).

I had to drive to a town about 20 minutes away to get the damage inspected. Oddly enough, the adjuster's first name is "Attilah" (as in Attliah the Hun). He doesn't look like an Attaliah, more like a 20 something geek. Then I drove back to a repair place closer to me to get the work done.

I got picked up at the shop by the rental place (Enterprise). While I was waiting I spotted a Chrysler PT Cruiser parked in the lot. I figured it was someone's car but did ask if it was available. It was. And the rental place lowered the price by a few cents so it would fit under the 30.00 a day limit after tax (I didn't want to pay 2 something a day for an indefinite period of time). The last time I was there, the insurance company I had (Palisades) paid 50.00 a day for rental. (Maybe this is why Geico's cheaper, they are cheaper on rental cars!). So at least I have a cool car for now :)

I also had adventures in home repair. Both our toilets were running oddly. So on Saturday on the way to my SILs I got 2 toilet kits at Lowe's and figured I'd try to replace the stuff myself. I'd also gotten a new Smoke Detector earlier in the day at Target. I chose the 10 year battery one, not the replaceable battery one. Sunday after a visit to our friends with twins (which involved a trip to the Englishtown Flea Market on the way where it was cold and muddy and not many vendors there and a stop at Old Country Buffet (yum!) for lunch), I went to work to fix things.

First I replaced the smoke detector. Went ok, but I could only use 1 of the existing screw holes as the new detector is smaller. So it wound up that the detector is on an angle - the light on top is off to one side. But it works. if not esthetically perfect. Then I tried to fix the toilet in the master bath. Went pretty well, except there was a link on the intake valve. I made an emergency trip to the 24 home depot to get pluming tape. Meanwhile I was doing laundry and the stupid machine shut off early. I had to leave wet laundry in the machine now overnight (Blech!). I came home and managed to break the intake pipe off trying to adjust things. So I shut the valve off the best I could (but meanwhile the handle on the valve broke off making it hard to shut off). It still seemed to drip, so I ended up sticking a basin under there and some towels and figured I'd get the parts on Monday night.

Well, while I was at the body shop, I was on cell phone to DH saying I'd take care of pluming as soon as I got home (I figured I'd just call a plumber and give up). One of the workers at the shop heard me - he was an older man who worked part time and was a trained plumber. He ended up following me back to my place where I paid him to fix the pipe (he got the parts - although he couldn't find the handle in his car, he'll come back with it). So for 55.00 I have one good toilet now. I may use him for the other stuff to (the other toilet and the other bathroom sink faucet). Whew.

I did take yesterday off work, so I'm a little nervous about this morning. It starts a crazy few days for me - tonight is a discussion group with the local mom's I've met. I'm going to try to make a quick dessert this morning before work. Tommorrow night is a bowling thing with my company (at least it is at the Port Authority bowling alley - which is the bus station I take home) And Thursday AM is a MANDITORY work town hall off-site. And today is my monthly 1-on-1 with my boss.

Better get back to bed now!

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I remembered this after something [livejournal.com profile] astrojetta posted today:

Saturday after leaving Alan's disasterous doctor appointment - I was looking up the block to make a left turn when I saw a dark blue car go flying and heard a crash. I made my turn, pulled over to park and went up the street to see what happened bringing my cell phone. (Mark and Alan were in the car). A car had pulled out of a driveway into a second car on the street which went into a parked car on the other side of the street. I called 911 and stayed until I could see that everyone was ok (they were, but I suspect the dark blue car is totalled as the front wheel was bent badly) and that I could give my name as a witness. I felt it was the right thing to do.

I had a similar thing happen 20 (!) years ago when I lived in Massachusetts. I had put my stuff on the trunk of my car after leaving a convience store was rummaging through my purse for my key when I saw a car accident. The details are fuzzy now but it involved someone entering or leaving a parking lot and someone on the street. And I remember someone was shook up or out of it. I stayed until the police came and I was called or contacted by at least one insurance company about it.

It's definitely the right thing to do. And fortunately insurance companies can't charge or blame you for it!


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