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Actually if you have a Hometown Buffet/Old Country Buffet etc near you - you can make them there. They often have taco fixings and spaghetti amongst the choices. I did it once :)


Nov. 30th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Another day, another way development finds to break software. I guess it keeps me employed.

Alan is enjoying his gifted and talented class. They are learning about the Olympics. They went on the olympic.org website. He saw this video of an olympic pole vaulter breaking the world record. I think they will have a project to invent a new olympic sport as part of their class.

Alan and I also watched Nick's game show "Brainsurge" tonight as they had 2 special celebrity episodes from 7 to 8 tonight. It's fun to watch because it relies on visual memory not facts/trivia. I think this show would really appeal to Nick's younger audience, but it's on usually at 4:30 during when neither of us are home. When I was in elementary school I used to spend my days off flipping from game show to game show through out the day. I think Alan would like that, but that isn't around anymore (I'm not sure we get the game show channel on our cable...if that channel is still around).

And now the calendar flips to December...Alan can't wait for it to snow so he can sled. I can't wait till the 23rd for vacation for all of us!
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So tonight was the much hyped Sponge Bob: Truth or Square Episode (anyone who's watched Nick this week saw the commercials, I'm sure it was on Nick Jr, Nicktoons and the N also).

My review is below under a spoiler cut )

Basically with one of their shows that doesn't cut out the younger range of their target audience (ie 6 and up), they've not done a very good job. Maybe it's 5 years of watching this network almost all the time has made me more cynical and jaded - but I don't like the direction they are going in and am really trying to encourage Alan to watch other things in his TV time. If only Cartoon network didn't show the stuff Alan likes or would like in the early AM (Gormitti, Yugioh, Pokemon, Backugan). (I don't have DVR) - and Bakugan held the distinction of the only thing Alan would watch that wasn't on Nick for sometime (he's as big a fan of them as he was of Thomas the Tank Engine (which I miss)).

Anway, the DVD is out on Tuesday the 10th - Nick wastes no time getting them out there.
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I know Sunday night at 8-9 is sort of your "dead zone" - a lot of reruns, Nick News etc. But putting the Dora premier on at 8 PM? How much of Dora's target audience is around at that time? They'd probably be watching Nick Jr anyway. And I think everyone who has Nick on cable, gets Nick Jr anyway. And I think there would be a massive channel change or TV click off from the usual Nick tween audience if my son is any indication!

Wouldn't 8PM be a better time to premier your new cartoon Fan Boy and Chum Chum rather than 10:30 on Saturday morning?

I pass the Viacom/MTV/Nickelodeon offices in Times Square all the time on my way to work. I'd love to have a nice chat with them sometime. And bring Alan who is probably Nick's #1 fan, if its on there, he watches it.
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After seeing Malcom in The Middle promoted on Saturday morning at 10 during Penguins of Madagascar, I made sure to write Nick tonight. (I think I have found the presents e-mail).

I did some online research - it appears that they are shifting the 8-9 slot to an older crowd (12-17). I don't fault them for doing that, but they should not be promoting the 12+ shows when they clearly know under 12's are watching. I also saw that in the fall, they will also accquire Everybody Hates Chris (based on Chris Rock). I have no idea how family friendly that is either - although I think that was on at 8PM originally. I'd just like them to consider that many of the younger viewers are used to Nick at 8PM having grown up with SpongeBob reruns on at that time.
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Alan is a very loyal Nickelodeon viewer. Basically the only things he'll watch that aren't Nickelodeon are Transformers, Backugan and NASCAR racing.  Nickelodeon has gotten lazy with their programming this summer. They've been putting random stuff on in the 8-9 PM slot - they dug up the old Ned's Declassified and reran that. They also accquired Malcom in the Middle (which was originally on FOX) for Nick at Night and have been heavily promoting that - even running that in the 8-9 PM slot which is technically Nick as Nick at Night kicks in at 9 PM during the week. Alan, surprisingly likes it.

Last night, I was getting ready to run to the store at 8:30, Malcom in the Middle was on. Suddenly there was a bit of dialogue where Malcom's mother was talking her husband - it went something like this - I'm on antibiotics from the doctor..we can't have s*x for a week.." At that point I was upset - my six year old son DID NOT need to hear that. Malcom in the Middle isn't a tween/teen show as designed. If they want to run it at that hour, they should be more careful about the episodes being shown.

On top of this, I found out iCarly has been cancelled. I am surprised they cancelled their #2 show behind Sponge Bob and a cash cow. At a time when they look short of live action shows, why should they stop one? Most of the Nick teen/tween shows do mention relationships but in a kid friendly (no sex) way.

The summer didn't start good on Nick with them putting Nick Jr on from 6 AM (annoying Alan whose outgrown that and now despises it) and it's gotten worse.

And one more thing - originally the Nick at Night brand was all about the old Nostalgia shows from the 60's and 70's which were kid friendly. Maybe it's time they give those another go. We have DVD's of Get Smart and Green Acres which someone recorded off Nick at Night and Alan loves them. (They were DH's favorite shows).

Edited to add: a friend in the children's bedding industry (they make character sheets/towels) says iCarly is NOT cancelled.  Hopefully she's right.


Jun. 8th, 2009 03:59 pm
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Why does Nickelodeon suddenly start to run Nick Jr shows (Nee How Kai Lan) at 7 AM instead of Sponge Bob? Alan got upset this morning about it as he now ABHORS any of the preschool shows he contentedly watched last summer.

I vaguely remember them starting the younger children shows earlier in the summer last year but it was not an issue as he was either watching Noggin at the time or didn't really care.

Alas all of the other alternatives at 7AM I found this morning don't work (Cartoon Network - Ben 10, Disney Channel - Handy Manny, Disney XD - Even Stevens - PBS - Sesame Street). Have to see if we get Nicktoons, that would work I hope. There is on demand kids tv in a pinch, but I think the shows are less than a 1/2 hour  and I'd have to set it up :(

I let Alan watch tv in the morning so I can get ready or try to. We've done it for years.

If only Cartoon network had Pokemon at 7 not 8 AM, Alan would be very happy :)


Feb. 15th, 2007 10:38 am
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Despite being up way too late last night, Alan woke up in a good mood. I think he wanted to be back at school (I wonder if he learned a day home watching TV with mommy and daddy can be BORING).

Wasn't too bad getting in this AM - the snow had been blown off my car for the most part and what wasn't off, slid right off when I used the scraper. And the icy stuff was hard enough to crunch over not slide on.

At work, at least as far as I can tell, the software is ready to go. yeah.

My feet hurt though. Last night I manged to trip on a ball and hurt my right foot (the ball just got under the arch of my food. Poor Alan, all he realizes is that I screamed at him, not that he left a ball on the floor and I tripped. Then I had to clean off the stuff on my scanner and my old digital camera hit the arch of my left foot. I think I'll live though.

Hopefully we can start getting Alan to bed earlier. Nickelodeon has now started running Full House at 8:30 PM after Sponge Bob, replacing back to back Sponge Bobs. Alan doesn't like Full House, so I can turn off the TV with no fuss. (I think they put on Full House earlier to fit on Growing Pains). Sad that their primetime line up is based on 20+ sitcoms. Even sadder, is the new show they will start "Me TV". Basically it is mash ups, videos etc by pre-teens and teens - viewer submitted. It doesn't sound good and seems very lazy by Nick. Then again I'm NOT their target audience either.
(I always remind my husband Nick is for Jr high kids.)

It may snow Sunday. Alan and I have off Monday. Maybe, maybe we can build a snowman and go sledding. Please?


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