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No one was hurt. Looks like minimal damage to the car. Police and insurance company notified. Awaiting instructions on removing the branch - tree belongs to house behind condo.
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It's snowing in NYC (yes, I went in).

Boss is having a status meeting this afternoon. He's from the Flemington, NJ area, I think he drove in today :( We are all ordering chinese for lunch. I may run down later to the hair place next door and get it cut/styled. I need a haircut anyway - otherwise I didn't do the whole glamour thing - I wore my regular coat, didn't bother with a manicure/pedicure, didn't bring a dressy purse. (My outfit is in a garment bag, I'll probably change back partially before leaving the party).

Meanwhile the nice pair of snow bibs I'd gotten for Alan are the wrong size - Last month I exchanged 6/7 pants for 6/7 bibs or so I thought - these are 4/5 and would fit with no grow room (I gave away the 4/5 pair previously).

I suspect I'll try Target tommorrow AM and see if there any are left. If Alan goes out in the snow I'll use nylon track pants on him. Meanwhile I'd found snow pants for ME at Models. (Guess who will also be sledding if we go).

Postponed going to PA for now. Not fun to look at houses in the snow.

DH called, he made it home safely (actually to the library). So Alan will be picked up safely from school on time.

And I'm wondering if I need teacher/aide gifts. I got for the daycare ladies, figured I'd go in on a class gift - but I'll find something tommorrow for the teacher and the aide. Do you get Xmas gifts for teachers in elementary school?


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