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"Please don't put butter on the bread before putting it in the toaster"

 (We have a microwave and toaster in the office as well as a coffee maker)


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Yesterday at work we had a health fair. Basically some local to the office vendors of health stuff (chiropractor, acupuncture, dentist, eye doctor promoting LASIK surgery) come in. These vendors often donate prizes (cheap camera, %off certificate) that HR raffles off to promote attendance. Yesterday’s was very uninteresting – the promised “lite refreshments” turned out to be pretzels and nilla wafers, blech. But the in the e-mail announcing the prize winners was this – the prize is listed after the name):

 Jasmine S_____          Refreshing Jasmine Tea

 (I didn’t win anything)


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 Life is busy these days. DH is recovering from his fall – slowly looking better. He and I (and Alan who will never admit it) seem to be having some congestion/cold these days – but that’s getting better too. I actually did get a written response from the hospital president in regard to my e-mail – it’s a form letter like “we will look into it”, but it is something.

 We had two birthday parties this weekend – one for twins in Alan’s school (plus a cousin of there’s). We didn’t know anyone – Alan only knew 2 kids other than the birthday twins – I’m not sure if not a lot of classmates were invited, or they didn’t come as the party was a bit far. The other was our friend’s son – a pretty low key affair at a miniature golf course – the place just charged 25.00 for a party – the parents brought their own food/cake. Alan was the only one who hadn’t gone to school with the birthday boy (we live an hour away), but that didn’t stop him. We would have gone back to our friends house afterwards – but DH wasn’t feeling well. We did make two stops on the way home, and ended up sending a very overtired Alan to bed very early.

 Tomorrow, I celebrate my birthday with lots of kindergarteners at the zoo. Can’t say I’ve done that before. Later Alan and I will see Star Trek. I wasn’t in a rush to see it, but figured we could use my borrowed free movie tickets pass from cable (it’s my MILs cable company that gives the cards). All of us do want to see Night At The Museum 2 when it comes out – and I suspect one or both of us will take Alan to Up sometime this summer – not sure what else is coming out.

 I do wish my broken toe would stop being swollen. I have 2 pair of shoes I can wear (one more comfy than the other). I guess now that’s it’s almost Memorial Day; I can wear sandals/flip flops at least - but wish I could get a pedicure.  I am also amazed how quickly our summer plans are filling in – spotted some freebie concerts to attend and trying to find a day for the beach (at last) and a minor league baseball game. Still need a few last things for Alan for camp – name tags;towels and one more swim suit.

 Next month the camp has an open house, I really want to go up there to see it. I’d like it better if I “knew” where he was – I’ve only seen a bunch of photos. It will be weird to have him so far from home during the day – he’ll probably be 45-50 minutes from our house – he’s always been with daycare/school 5-10 minutes from our house (even if DH and I were an hour away at work). I just hope that the camp will get him IN the lake and get him swimming. (I don’t want him sitting on the side like he did at Y lessons, they were a waste). I’m not expecting him to be a Michael Phelps level swimmer – just be able to enjoy water activities safely (and let me relax a little at the condo pool).

 Back to work – things due today that don’t work, so someone has to fix. (I don’t fix, I just test…sometimes that’s good, and sometimes that’s bad.)

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I am slowly sinking into the swamp again at work. (Many years ago on my cat list the phrase being swamped somehow got twisted to being in the swamp...I've liked it that way ever since). Another co-worker resigned. She found work closer to home and being that's she's a new mom, I don't blame her. Meanwhile another co-worker left last month to work on a restaurant (Afagani, his nationality) with his wife's family. And another one is officially out on maternity leave after having a little boy on Saturday.

But I have found time to be out and about. Last week I went to a Q/A professional group meeting. Ran into an old boss (fortunately one I liked) and met some new people in the industry. Tonight I attended a WPI alumni event (the president came to NYC to share info - and raise $). I saw some people I did know, and some I didn't know. No classmates, but it's nice to find people with a common background to chat about things unique to our college experience.

The Kids Choice 2009 nominees are out. This year's selections SO deserve a snark - they try so hard to pseudo-balance between Nickelodeon (who runs them) and Disney it's not funny, even to someone whose TV is stuck on Nickelodeon most of the time.

Comments below the cut, to spare the non interested: )

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I am working from home today so I can take Alan to the town's tree lighting this evening.

I am also making my famous spinach lasagna for a holiday party tommorrow afternoon.

I just got word that my 1:30 PM status meeting conference call is being rescheduled to next week.

I'm glad - as the spinach lasagna was due to be taken out of the oven @ 1:30 PM!
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Alan came home from kindergarten today with a note showing he'd gotten a orange card which was a 10 minute timeout from playtime. (For those who don't know - a lot of kindergartens use a 4 color behavior system - green is good, yellow is a warning, orange is a timeout or loss of special treat, red is go to the principals office). What was odd was that the art teacher gave him the orange because he'd used after a bathroom word after he'd had a warning about being talkative (a yellow) earlier in the day by his regular teacher.

Before I'd gotten a chance to e-mail his teacher, she e-mailed me and said it was the child behind him who'd used the bad language, Alan had gotten it for being talkative again in art class. I had still taken Alan's TV privledge for tonight away, but I was glad he didn't use bad language - that's not his type of bad behavior.

We had back to school night last night. Both of us like his teacher a lot. Everyone I've talked to around town who had her for their child's kindergarten was very pleased with her - I can see why. We also saw the laptops the school had purchased for the kindergarteners/1st graders to use. They live on a cart and can be hooked up anywhere in the school as the school was set up for wireless. And the computer teacher seemed nice. I couldn't find the gym, art or music teachers - I was curious what to kindergartners do for gym?

Anyway, unlike a classmate from his daycare, Alan likes kindergarten a lot. He seems happy and well adjusted. And I'm happier now that the hot lunches are available (and he seems to like them also). I really hope we get a cafeteria before Alan leaves 8th grade.

Funny, how I swore we'd move before Alan started school when he was a baby and now I don't want to move until he finishes 8th grade - I'm still not-so-sure about the high school, but it's still 9 years off and a lot can change.

I'm waiting to see if an important software patch is going to be available to test tonight - client needs it to do month end processing - but it looks like I can sleep soundly at this point.

I'm still driving DH's old Geo Prizim back and forth to daycare as we haven't had a chance to look for a car. (He's taking mine on the 30 mile drive to his work). We saw a very low mileage Toyota Corolla 2005 model - on Craigslist which interested us. But after a few e-mails from the seller who wanted to have us send money, then he'd send the car (and claimed it was on an army base in Virgina - then we wrote we'd like to see it) we knew it was too good to be true. Fortunately for us nothing was lost except the time to e-mail, but these spammers can be dangerous.

Bush spoke about the economy tonight. I didn't bother watching. I think the caption on my icon is still true!


Jun. 16th, 2008 01:20 pm
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This has been floating around lately so I thought I'd try it.

You know how sometimes people on your friend's list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you *should* already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.
If you want to play, just copy mine below, erase my answers, put yours in their placeand then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration! One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

First Name: Leslie
Age: 46
Location: Little Ferry, NJ USA - in a 2 bedroom condo that we own.
Husband: Mark (I'm happily monoagamous)  - since 5/20/01. My second marriage (divorced in 1998), his first.
Kids: Alan, age 5 1/2
Pets: None currently. Before Alan was born we had two black cats Moxie and Inky. Inky had to be rehommed because she was not happy about Alan - she needed to be the baby in the family. I kept Moxie, who was put to sleep when Alan was a year old, because Moxie's health was failing - I miss them both. I hope to get other cats someday (if DH's allergies permit). We may settle for a hamster or fish for now.
School: Oceanside Sr HS, Oceanside, NY. BS Computer Science Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA. MS Computer Science Northeastern University Boston, MA
Brothers/Sisters: None
Parents: Both deceased from smoking. My mother, Enid died in 1993, my father Alvin died in 2002. Sadly I was estranged from my mom when she died.
Health: Pretty good. I have asthma and allergies. Need to loose a little weight. Wear glasses, just short of bifocals (although when I have to, I will wear them). Had my thyroid removed from thyroid cancer in 2004 - just have visited Sloan Kettering for followups since and hope that's all I'll ever need. (I believe my cancer was either due to living near landfills twice in my life (Oceanside and Fresh Kills in Staten Island), or being in NYC after 9/11.)
List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
1) My MIL having cateract surgery over the next weeks. She isn't worried, but it is surgery and she won't be driving much for a while. (She lives 15 minutes away and we get along fine).
2) Getting Alan ready for kindergarden - improve his fine motor skills, get him to do #2 where it belongs (he still has accidents), learning to be firm with him (not my greatest strength), hoping he'll eat a better balanced diet and getting him equipped for school (supplies, first day of school outfit) Also figuring out what to do for the 4 days between end of daycare and start of kindergarden.
3) Summer - using our pool, watering the plants including the tomatoes I'm growing. Going on road trips - visiting DH's uncle at the campground, spending lots of time @ Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA and our big camping trip Labor Day weekend to Ithaca, NY. Also catching a few summer concerts and just maybe getting to the beach.
4) Dealing with urgent client software to test at work :(
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Lately that's been my motto around the house. Last night I paid my bills and sorted a whole pile of snail mail and receipts. I also managed to write a long overdue complaint letter to Paypal, which resulted in my husband's account being reinstated and my account getting credited for a bad transaction (as a courtesy).

Still need to contact a psychologist for Alan as we still have control issue problems at home - not doing stuff on his own or using the potty for #2. Today he told us he was in time outs for both classes. In one class he took a book away from another student and then when his teacher spoke to him about it pushed the book across the table and hit the other student in the hand.  In his other class he called a classmate a bad name (stupidhead) (I had been worried he'd used a curseword) He's also gotten bossy and talks back to us. Hopefully I'll make those calls tommorrow. (We may just not be doing things the best way to work with him and need the guidance.)

A coworker brought in food for people today - two big trays of Biryani (made with turkey) and another tray of marinated cucumbers and onions. Even though I'm not a big Indian food fan, it was pretty good.

Stil figuring out the new matrix management structure at work. Not sure if it's bad or good in the long run.

Wrapped the presents I bought for the charity gifts through my office. The organization my co-workers work with (Stockings With Care) collects gifts for children in homeless shelters. There are 3 gifts for each child, which are given to the parents to give as they please. I chose a little 5 year old girl who asked for "Pretend n Play" cooking set, "Pretend n Play" dishes and "Pretend n Play" lunch food. I got cute stuff @ Target and CVS - but I think the ones asked for were from KB Toys - but I am sure she'll be happy just the same - the food I got had 117 pieces and I got Disney Princess dishes. Some of the older children ask for more elaborate things like Mp3 players and cameras (I think digital). I'm not sure those are good things to have in a shelter or even if they have easy computer access to use them.

I looked at the long range forecast for next week - it might snow. I'd like a little snow (I may regret this later).


Nov. 20th, 2007 11:05 pm
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A 2 day week this week.

Workwise, all is well. My boss was nice enough to thank us for our role in improving things which lead to his promotion. I think he'll still look after us when all is said and done and offer us chances to shine :)

Alan's started watching Sesame Street in the AM again (because the TV was left on PBS after Thomas was on Sunday morning). I don't like the new opening this music this year. Today's show had Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on - they are such a cute couple.

I did see the article about the old shows - I figured at some point they'd put Sesame Street on DVD for nostalgia - but it was rather silly of them to say maybe not for today's preschoolers and their needs. It's not going to hurt them.

Gymboree sent me a coupon in the mail - they must have rented the right mailing list - I like the new stuff for boys. I had to wrestle it from my DH (he was afraid I'd spend too much).

Alan and I were playing tonight - making a race track out of blocks, playing (or trying to) Cootie and some other stuff. He really plays so much more without TV (he lost it due to an #2 accident, yet again). I also want to keep him off video games (aka Noggin.com) before bed - he gets wound up from it.

And why is it whenever I try to meet up with the local mom's group I found (nice bunch of mostly SAHM's) - they are busy and when I am busy or working, they are free - at least we can make the party we are having on 12/1. (But now I may have make or bring cookies for a swap - 1/2 dozen x 11 people! - does anyone have quick, easy ideas?)

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Only 37% of people in our town have library cards according to the director. That seems low? Do people not use libraries at all? I'm sorry, but I can't imagine NOT having a library - libraries are always a friend.

Just as I left today there was an announcement of a meeting Monday - grandboss is having meeting about the new structure changes. Oddly enough this is an hour after our annual pot luck T-day lunch - but I guess it has to be as our fiscal year end is Friday.

This report by the GAO was released this week regarding security breaches. Obviously for security reasons they can't tell you any details - so it's hard to know if you should be scared/worried or if it was human error that does happen. I myself once flew home with a then prohibited ladies razor in my carry on. (Not that I was going to do anything with a pink razor).

Sometimes, I think it's odd that me who is about the least dangerous person in terms of terrorism can think of places to do something. I hope the ones we trust for security have thought of these things before the terrorists.


Jun. 6th, 2007 10:58 am
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Working from home today. Alan has a 6 PM dentist appointment and GE is supposed to be here today to service our recalled dishwasher. (But they never called to confirm - sigh).

Finally washing the baby clothes I picked up for a friend - she is in apartment with no washer/dryer and doesn't even know where the one in her place is (she either hand washed or did laundry at her MILs house on the weekends). Such pink (mostly) cuteness!

Last night was bad. DH came home to an (in his mind) an urgent client e-mail. So I had to deal with Alan and have him watch TV in the bedroom when I was exhausted (I don't know why). Sometimes I wish he'd come home, deal with non work for a bit and do work when Alan's in bed. Not that Alan goes to bed at an early hour though (9-10 is his normal range)

Friday morning we leave for North Carolina. I think Alan will be ok on the car ride, I'm just nervous about the dogs the person we are staying with has - 2 little yorkies as Alan is so afraid of dogs :(

Picked up 2 dresses for the 2 upcoming events we have - a Bar Mitzvah and a baby naming and ordered shoes from Payless online. Nice to have good things to look forward to.

Got to go do SOME work....


Dec. 8th, 2006 03:21 pm
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Today is the company Xmas party at a fancy place downtown in NYC - on a freezing COLD day.
At least we have buses from the office to the party and back to the bus and train terminals. Somehow I got volunteered to be in charge of the bus from our office! At least this year Dh gets to join me at the party - we get a night out for a change.

So I had my hair done downstairs at the hair place on the corner (I don't like how it looks but others do) and yesterday had the works done at the nail place next door (manicure, pedicure, massage, threading). It's fun.

Reviewed Alan's IEP for the rest of the year in a phone conference this morning. He's now going to get 1/2 hour OT (occupational therapy) once a week for motor skills issues. I'm sure it will help. Knowing how my coordination was as a child, I could have used it back then.

My husband's check engine light came on today on his way to work but he got there and back safely. It turns out it was a sensor so it was fixed for 250.00 (including a long needed oil change). My husband plans to drive his 1997 Geo with 140K miles into the ground anyway, but check engine lights are scary. They really should have some level of message to the driver - is it URGENT and the car should pull over now, is it something to be checked soon, or is it driver fixable (like a loose gas cap)?


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