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Off today due to the holiday. Not doing much, will head out in a bit for my usual mall run. I hope DH's car will make to the mall ok.

Alan got a 100% on his first math test. I was pleased, nice way to start off school. His teacher wanted all the parents to sign them and return them. I thought tests usually were signed only for bad grades?

Saturday we saw an ad in the paper for a 2005 Nissan Sentra with low mileage. So the three of us went to look at it. It seemed to have some dings and a little wear, but we decided to test drive it. First, I had trouble turning the key and moving the shift into drive - then when we went to test the CD player with a Killers CD - the CD player ate it. So although I drove it, we didn't buy the car. We figured it didn't like me/us :)

Sunday we had soccer. We played the team coached by Alan's coach from last year (a good guy). Because the weather was so iffy, both teams had few players show up. We had 5, they had 6. So they played 4 on 4 with 1 in goal for each team. Alan played goalie for a bit. He also scored, but into our goal :(. We lost, but Alan had a good time.

I also finally got Alan's desk organized (I'd pilled stuff on it all summer and didn't get a chance to clean it). It looks much better. There's still a lot of stuff in some drawers that he doesn't need (it used to be my desk - he won't need my extra checks!), I'll get to that eventually.

I hung out today after dropping Alan off to give out birthday party invites. Since we didn't invite the whole class, I had to figure out who some of his classmates are. I was able to give some out, but not all. I then stopped at his old daycare to invite the daughter of a staff member that Alan befriended over the summer. It seemed awfully empty there, I wonder if they have fewer kids these days?

It turns out one of Alan's classmates is repeating kindergarten. She'll be 7 in June. I talked to the mom about the special ed staff here and put in a good word for them - I hope the mom gets the help her daugher needs.

Someone's watering the condo bushes outside my window. I waved. Our condo is slightly below ground, so our windows are about 1/2 foot of the ground!
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It was a busy weekend as usual and stressful.

Saturday - we went to the Farmer's market for fruit to make a fruit salad (if you invite us to a party, DH makes fruit salad!). Then Alan had soccer practice, and afterwards he and I drove DH's car through the local football/cheer leaders fundraiser car wash. It was kind of silly to wash his old not-working-so great car, but it was for a good cause.

All 3 of us then went to a potluck party at a friend (and former co-worker) of DH that we go camping in Ithaca with. They have a large yard with a hot tub. They set up a projector and show a video or two on a screen attached to the house. Alan spent most of the time in the hot tub! They showed Young Frankenstein and The Thin Man for the adults (Alan saw a bit of Young Frankenstein which was projected right over the hot tub) and Underdog (the recent live action movie) inside for kids. We all had a great time, despite a complaint from their neighborhood grump about showing a movie without a license (I think he wanted to be invited <g>).

Sunday - I went to pick up a dresser I won on auction on eBay which was for Alan's room. I got there and the dresser was just a bit too wide to fit in my back seat and wouldn't fit in the trunk So the previous owner and I tied one back door slightly open and I cautiously drove toward home. Two blocks later a cop stopped me (no ticket, just a warning). I called my MIL, but it didn't fit in her old Taurus either...to make a long story short, I managed to find a local taxi service with a mini van and paid him to bring it home. I ended up being a bit sunburnt and Alan missed his soccer game (it was probably too hot for him on the astroturf field anyway). The dresser did fit where I wanted it, and I will be getting new knobs for it as it is missing some, At some point, I may try to refinish it, it's very solid but has some scratches (and got more in the misadventures of getting it home alas).

I really miss my old Escort hatchback at times like this when I need to get big items - oddly enough it's still sitting in the lot of the mechanic I signed it over to when it was not worth it to repair, I wonder if he will give it a new engine someday.

Later we went over to my cousin's house. He's up there in one of the Wall Street firms (he had his CEO at his son's bar mitzvah last year, most people don't invite the CEO of a big company they work for to a party). Although we don't talk work with him, we did see him texting a lot and he had financial stuff up on his computer. We did walk over to Van Dykes for homemade yummy ice cream - he lives a block from there :)
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Child dies when soccer goal falls on him
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It's pouring from TS Hanna and DH and Alan are in Alan's room watching a Three Stooges DVD. Not my thing, but amazing to think it still brings laughs 70+ years later.

Alan had soccer practice on our brand new soccer field (artifical turf) last night. Hope it will be ok with the rain - there's supposed to be an opening day parade tommorrow. New team, new coach, new teamates. Need to replace the 2nd hand cleats I'd gotten him - they are baseball not soccer ones - but they'll be ok for tommorrow.

Packed his backpack for Monday's start of Kindergarten. On Friday we stopped by the school so I could see where his classroom was. His teacher turned out to be there (she seems very nice). Her aide had Alan in his first year of disabled pre-k, so it was nice to see a familiar face. I also saw some names I knew on the sign she had for the class. It was worth stopping by :) We then checked out a local library book sale and a local park. Alan loves pony rides now. We also looked around the zoo - he's been there a few times this year and loves it - not like when he was a toddler and would just zoom past everything.

He's still bossy at home and I hope that calms down after school starts. Otherwise we may see if we can get some help curbing it at home.

I had my annual visit to Sloan Kettering at the end of last month. All is well, I don't need to go back till August 2009. But I've got some sort of congestion now and my chest feels tight. Hope it goes away, I just got over being sick in Mid August :(

Labor Day weekend we did our annual camping trip to Ithaca. Had a good time, although didn't hike much. I did go in the waterfall pool, wasn't brave enough to try jumping off the diving board. Need to get in shape for next summer to try it. We checked out the Farmer's Market (very crunchy with all sorts of interesting eats - asian/organic etc - but NO pickles!)

Today we had company - our friend Dave stopped by to tell us about his singles cruise - he met some people, but it was an interesting itenary as it was diverted due to Hurricane Hanna. Then a friend of DH's from high school he hadn't seen in 29 years stopped by - he and DH reconnected on classmates.com. Neither one noticed our messy place fortunately.

Anyway, I've got some rebates to send out and paperwork to sort so that's all for now.

Home today

Oct. 22nd, 2007 10:54 am
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Home with Alan today because he has a cold. Not that he's really resting, but better to keep him home one day than miss a busy week with pictures and a pumpkin patch trip.

We had another gorgeous soccer Sunday. And we won again - it was a little scary as we were down 1-0 in the 4th quarter. It was probably going to happen anyway as we had the ball most of the time at that point, our goalie could have read a book. (Alan had been goalie for a little bit at the start of the game, until our goalie got here). So we are 7-0, which is amazing for 1st year soccer. If our team had better ball control skills and passing skills we'd be something to watch out for. I know we will lose 1 player next year (she moved out of town, but she's finishing the season), but hopefully most will come back. And if not Alan knows other kids on other teams (he says hi to them during games!). Alan definitely likes soccer as he insisted on going despite his running nose. But I think part of soccer to Alan is digging holes with sticks and sticking sticks in a particular tree to make a robot machine!

Saturday they had a pumpkin patch in town. They brought in some pumpkins and had them on the floor of the first aid building. (They said it was too muddy to do it outside :( ). Alan drew a nice face on his, I think he's getting artistic. Other than that we didn't do much this weekend. Mark and I both napped on Saturday and Sunday - I think we avoided getting Alan's cold. And we saw Night at The Museum, now Alan wants to go to the Natural History Museum in NYC.

I am wondering if I should get a big plastic box for all of Alan's playdough stuff instead of 2-3 odd ball kits that may/maynot have all their original pieces or dough. I could also keep a plastic dollar store tablecloth in it - so it won't go over the carpet.


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