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Another visit another people issue at Hackesanck University Hospital )

Seriously, fix the non-medical issues (like better triage in the emergency room and signs for parking) - small things like that can leave a better impression than zillions on fancy buildings and art work and super fancy medical equipment that not every patient needs.

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Alan is 44.25 inches and 44 lbs. 75%tile for height and weight right on his curb.

He was very cooperative, we got his height and weight easily, he did vision and hearing tests (and did fine) as well as 2 shots. (Although I did bring a lolipop for him, the doctor's office only did stickers). We had a long wait between the initial nurse visit and the doctor coming - for 10:45 appointment, we were done at 12:10!

Discussed some behavior issues with the doctor - so I have names of people to check out (if on plan). (Yes, we still have #2 issues).

It really was amazing the difference between ages 4 and 5 at his checkup - so much more cooperative. He even wore a hat and gloves today at HIS request - he wouldn't even wear gloves last year.

A friend came over today and we copied a DVD for him. He had a copy of old home movies transfered from 8mm to VHS to DVD. These were from the 1930's - at least one place on them Echo Lake Park was still similar today. We were glad to do it - he has very little family left and these contained lots of rare footage of his mom and her side of the family.

Otherwise it's been a quiet kind of day. My husband caught up on this and that. He e-mailed a cute Thanksgiving card to friends and past and present clients. One former client in Wisconsin wrote back and included the photo of the deer he got while hunting today. (He did this once before - I guess he doesn't get that not everyone is into hunting or photos of deceased deer).

I think tommorrow we may finally get that pesky hall closet sorted. I need to get my hats and gloves out at last :(
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Cancelled tonight's eye doctor appointment due to imminent rain/flood issues. Rescheduled till 1/4/07

Cancelled Alan's flu shot for tommorrow as remote access isn't working from work. Hope to reschedule for next Friday.

Next Wednesday is Alan's dentist appointment (fill cavity 1 of 2) - rescheduled from the 8th when we had a bad rain storm.

And I need to change my psy doctor appointment as I managed to schedule it the same day as my thyca endo in NYC appointment on the 27th. I'll see if I can do it next Friday also (if not a zombie from Black Friday shopping).


Meanwhile work software keeps NOT working even before we get to test it!
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Alan and I had one very busy day today.

First was his class trip to Demarest Farms for pumpkin picking. It was his teacher, the aide, myself, Alan and 5 of his classmates on a full sized school bus for a 20 minute ride. It actually went well and I think everyone enjoyed it. Alan did run a little, but I think he'd wanted to see the "apple forest" - the apple trees on either side of the field which had pumpkins dumped on it. I bought some apple cider in the farm stand to take home with us.

Alan with pumpkins

Afterwards, we went home and had lunch. At 2 we left to go on the rest of our day. First we went to the library to pick up our requests (a DVD came in) and return some CD's. Alan wanted to take out a Thomas book (no suprise). Then I dropped off an item to a freecycler (a music keyboard we got off freecycle and didn't need). At 3 was an eye doctor appointment. Alan behaved very well there. The pediatric eye doctor has lots of cool things for him to look at and Alan was pretty cooperative in general. The doctor reported that Alan's vision is fine and he won't need to go back for 2 years.

Then we went to Target. I got him 2 Thomas trains - one as a reward for the eye doctor, and one to give him if he were good later. I also got Alan a winter coat/snow pants/hat/gloves - I started out looking for gloves and a hat to match his two hand-me-down red coats. But since both his coats are down, I wanted something washable. The coat I got is washable and is a size XS which covers sizes 4 to 5 which means it should fit for 2 years. While I was shopping Alan fell asleep in the cart, he did need a nap.

Our last stop was the dentist. Surprisingly Alan was very cooperative - he let the dentist look in his mouth. And the dentist was able to get the 4 x-rays - although Alan moved during one of them. But the bad news - Alan has 2 cavities in the molars. So we are back in 2 weeks for a filling and then again for the other. Sigh.

When we got home, Alan got the Thomas trains (Molly and Alfie) and was happy. He's asleep now, probably dreaming about either pumpkins or trains!

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So last night I went to the PTA meeting. There were less than 2 dozen people there including the board and speakers (elementary principal, superindentant (and acting middle school principal), someone one from the first aid sqaud). This out of an enrollment of 961 students. There were 2 fathers there though, one without a spouse.

Our administrative staff is amusing. Our superindendant looks like someone out of the Sopranos (think very italian looking) and the elementary principal looks like wilford brimley (round with a mustache). Both are nice and enthusiastic.

I signed up as class mother for Alan's class (and probably the morning class). Although I miss the tea (3PM on Thursday) - it's not going to be a big deal. Out of the 8-9 students in both classes, I think 2 including Alan are in district - I think I met the other mom at back to school night. I also found out that the reason the PTA was out of sorts over the summer was that the past president had a baby and was hospitalized with complications. So I think the new president took a while to get up to speed.

I'm kind of irked at medical stuff. It turns out the films from my mammogram in 2006 are misplaced which is why I was asked for them a zillion times. But I did find out I can use the hospital if I book my annual appointment now - they have Saturdays and until 7 PM one night a week now. So when they call me later, I'll book it. And I'm still trying to get in touch with my physician, she called me this AM at work at 8AM(?) and wanted me to make an appointment, no telephone tag. Well, if she'd gotten my fax over the weekend, she'd known what I was asking about.

(Does anyone know what a A/G ratio is on a blood test - albumin/globulin ratio - and what a high one means - mine was slightly high - but the albumin and globulin were in range.)

Looks like it's going to rain. Blech.


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