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The Wii is 99.00 on Black Friday at Walmart. I wonder if this the year we finally get a gaming console. Or should we look at the 199 xbox?


We had a scare where we thought Alans DSi was lost with all the games, but it turned out I'd taken it all away and forgot I did. Oddly enough he forgot also and was either playing my phones games or free online games on the PC. Since we thought it was lost, we ended up acquiring a 2nd DSi (used) and one of those 200 games in one cartridges that people concoct overseas. So now I'll have a DSi. Alan and I have joked for years I should get one. It will be black and not pink though!


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Shoped till I should drop (but didn't get to of course)
Changed DH's car's air filter
Discovered I bought a used haircutting kit (blech!). It was returned.
Got some Hannah Montana clothing for the child I'm granting wishes for.
Picked up a 10" TV @ Walgreens for my SIL (not a gift). Turned out to be cute. Also have to setup a universal remote for my MIL.

Social stuff tommorrow as well as getting DH's car inspected. Wish me luck with the inspection.

Alan's dentist appointment went well - laser dentistry is wonderful. Also having Sponge Bob on TV overheard is a good distraction mostly.

Off to bed.

At least Sunday I can sleep in :)
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Hit Staples around 5:30. Way too far back for a laptop ticket. Doors opened at 6 - grabbed my 2 items off the table in front and checked out. Out at 6:03 AM
Then Target - ran for the Dinoco 400 Cars, they had tons. Went to get ladies clothing and also some play food/pots for a charity gift. Checked out about 6:45.
Walgreens - very few people waiting at 6:50 AM (including someone waiting for the ATM). Got everything I wanted including the telescope, tide, helicopter and keychain. Helicopter ran up as not for sale (manager said it had been recalled and cancelled) - they sold it to me anyway. Also got a razor but they couldn't find the rebate - left my name and number.
Back to Target to return extra Dinocar Car set and a few other things. Looked around again (still had a 10% off bonus from charge card for the day). Found the turtleneck I wanted for Alan which I couldn't find Wednesday. Checked out again - headed to Sears.
Sears - picked up clothes for me and a clearance T shirt for 2.33 for Alan. Will try them on at home. Meanwhile my husband called me that Walgreens had the rebate forms. So I went back to Walgreens and then off to CVS.
CVS - B1G1F on toys including the 9.99 Hot Wheel Playset. They had disney princess play dishes I needed for my charity gift also.
So, not a bad day.

A busy day

Nov. 24th, 2006 11:27 pm
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Got up 5:15 and went to Staples

At Staples got 2 DVD burners, flash drive, blank DVDs, surge protector, 400GB drive, uninterruptable power supply and the free after rebate surge protector. Got out of there around 7:15 due to crazy line for getting stuff - it was all behind a counter for security. So you were on one line for getting stuff and then another to pay. Did end up convincing them to pay at the empty front registers though.

Next stop Walmart - got 2 Tides, and free mascara. Had 1.00 of coupon on one of the 1.99 Tides. Just missed the telescope and the free after rebate women's rebate razor.

Then Target - just got 1 game for Alan (the one I wanted Candyland was sold out alas). This is is a fishing game, he'll like it.

Then to the upscale mall - first stop coffee, then to Gymboree where I got a bunch of stuff for Alan for this year and next. Gap was next. Using a 35.00 gift card I did very well - I only paid 1.60 for my purchases. I got 3 pair of shorts at 1.97 each for Alan as well as some shirts and 1 full price sweater. (I love going to Gap/Gymboree there - same price as every other mall, less traffic!)

Went back to Staples to get extra DVD's.

Then off to Walmart, got pj's for myself and Mark, candlewarmer, tneck, track suit and gloves for Alan. Grabbed a bite at McDonalds, stopped at the consignment store (nothing interesting) came home, ordered from Gymboree and took a nap.

Went to my MILs for dinner and Alan's been very good with the potty today (same underware ALL day for a change!)

It was a good day and I avoided the major shopping strip (and mess) in Paramus. If I had to do it again, I'd just get up a little earlier (so I would have gotten the telescope!)


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