Nov. 30th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Another day, another way development finds to break software. I guess it keeps me employed.

Alan is enjoying his gifted and talented class. They are learning about the Olympics. They went on the website. He saw this video of an olympic pole vaulter breaking the world record. I think they will have a project to invent a new olympic sport as part of their class.

Alan and I also watched Nick's game show "Brainsurge" tonight as they had 2 special celebrity episodes from 7 to 8 tonight. It's fun to watch because it relies on visual memory not facts/trivia. I think this show would really appeal to Nick's younger audience, but it's on usually at 4:30 during when neither of us are home. When I was in elementary school I used to spend my days off flipping from game show to game show through out the day. I think Alan would like that, but that isn't around anymore (I'm not sure we get the game show channel on our cable...if that channel is still around).

And now the calendar flips to December...Alan can't wait for it to snow so he can sled. I can't wait till the 23rd for vacation for all of us!

Oh well

Nov. 29th, 2009 11:08 pm
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After failing to keep up with nablopomo this month, my incentive to post has trailed off it seems. I do want to recap some of the highlights of thanksgiving weekend

Wednesday: Alan's class international feast. Alan sang well and his cookies (the Lofthouse sugar cookies) were a hit. But a lot of the international food was enjoyed more by the parents and teachers than the kids. Alan's teacher was very smart and brought in pizza (representing Italy) - I think just about the entire class ate that!

Thursday: Thanksgiving at my cousin's. We had my cousin, his wife, their 3 children, his mom, his ex-wife, her dad and her niece and us. Although it sounds weird, everyone gets along. And even though my cousins children are much older than Alan (they are 18, 15, 12) - they have fun with him. I can't believe the youngest is getting bat mitzvahed in June. I remember the first Thanksgiving I was at my cousin's - on my own after seperating and moving out from my ex's - she was a little 3 month old sleeping in a baby car seat (bucket) in the corner! A lot has changed since then (1997)!

Friday: I got up and did my black friday shopping. I was able to get everything I really wanted with not too much hassle. One freebie at Staples was gone and Rite Aide had only 1 of the 2/1.00 Hot Wheels left when I was there. I did score the 3.00 coffee maker @ Target (cheaper than a garage sale one for camping) and the Nintendo DSI bundle for Alan (still in my car trunk). I did make the mistake of going by Toys R Us for a gift for a charitable item I am doing. The specific item apparently is an exclusive to them but wasn't on special sale. Seeing that the line was 1/2 way around the store after 9 AM, I bailed. I was also quite happy to find a pair of jeans for 10.00 at Sears that fit. So I have 2 pairs of nice jeans (from Sears and Walmart - no expen$ive ones for me) - I am glad that I figured out with stretch jeans I need to go down 1 size and get petite ones.
Also on Friday, DH's family reconnected with a long lost cousin and her family that had moved to Florida 30 years ago. My SIL googled them on Thursday and on Friday e-mail and phone calls were exchanged. I said hi, although I'd never met the person before. They had moved to Florida to get a new start because one of the sibilings was having legal trouble as a juvenile. Oddly enough this cousin is a business owner with a judge as a long term girlfiend!

Saturday: Stuck at home waiting for Verizon to fix the connection issues that I had been having. The service window was 8-5. I ended up calling 3x that day as I heard nothing. I was on the phone at 4:45 only to be told they weren't coming and had been doing stuff from the outside - anyway I did get them to send a new modem and will be continuing to complain to the higher ups - the whole process has involved long holds waiting for the "CENTRAL OFFICE" which I can not talk to directly and lots of miscommunication. Sadly, I'm not sure what alternatives we have here other than Verizon. We checked out Time Warner (my other dislike) and they didn't have any good deal and google hasn't turned anything else up for residential DSL. (Windstream looked good, but they don't service NJ). (We face the wrong way for sattlelite).

Sunday: Looked at a house FSBO by owner in our town - turned out to be too much work at the price for us to move to and not really a property that could be rented. We met with friends and their friends at the local bowling alley - the kids bowled one game, Alan got 2 strikes and scored a 99 (with bumpers, but still very good). Later we went to the park and Alan tried his Razor Scooter a little. I'm glad I got him the basic one and not the fancy Spark model (some sort of sparks appear when you use the brake).

I ended up writing a bit didn't I? I guess I've been the blogging equivalent of tounge tied lately!
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At the moment.

This is a good thing, I think.


Nov. 24th, 2009 06:44 am
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I forgot nablopomo last night again :(


Nov. 22nd, 2009 10:38 pm
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Dear Spammers of Craigslist,

Stop writing 5 minutes after I post something and ask "is it still available". And then when I reply it is (DUH, I just posted it), don't write back a day later asking me to hold it because you can see it due to your job and will send payment in the mail with extra. I'm not falling for your games. I suspect you have no idea what you are looking at and wouldn't know what to do with 1 very heavy digital keyboard that needs repair.

The last time I tried to sell something on Craigslist (Alan's crib/toddler bed) - I ended up having to put in the local paper's free ads for items under 100.00, but I don't want this to go that cheaply.

In other news, we had a birthday party today - Alan's classmate from kindergarten. Alan had a good time, he only knew one other kid there (another kindergarten classmate) but he had a great time and showed off some dance moves too! (Little boys today seem to not realize that 1980's breakdancing isn't in style now, or is it?)

Anyway 3 day week, 3 days till Alan's thanksgiving feast at school, 4 days till black friday, 5 days to the neat fireman's nighttime parade of lighted firetrucks.
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Managed to lock myself out of the apartment doing laundry again and while DH and Alan were on errands. I was supposed to be cleaning for friends coming for dinner who cancelled - sort of at the last minute. So we have 5 lbs of marinated chicken. But others are coming over later, so we will cook it and enjoy anyway. And I did get some cleaning done, place looks better.

Something wound up in the trash while cleaning up, fortunately it was found before the bag was tossed and the items were still in their bag from the store, so no harm done.

Just feeling lazy but need to get ready and stop wearing messy knockaround clothes.


Nov. 20th, 2009 09:11 pm
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Too bad I don't have a tired icon.

Didn't sleep well last night. Crashed with a migrane (hence the blurry screen post). Woke up in pain. Took painkiller fell asleep again. Felt lousy in the AM.

But did finish what I had to for the week at work, so sense of relief.

Looking forward to sleeping in tommorrow.


Nov. 19th, 2009 10:46 pm
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Although stymied by a last minute room change (and fear of not having a room available). I did get my presentation done today. What a relief!

We have a big international feast at school next week. We are doing "USA" for lack of any distinct ethnicity (county specific). The teacher was fine with that, I just hope I can track down his favorite Loft House cookies. We brought them for his star of the week/birthday treat since we happened to pass a Superwalmart that sells them. The company website doesn't list specific stores that carry them which is annoying. Our Shoprite doesn't always carry them, so hopefully I can find a nearby supermarket that does.

The monitor is looking really blurry now, so I'm going to crash for the night.
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I woke up at 3 AM this morning and realized I forgot to post yesterday. So I blew the goal. I'm blaming on it on work stress and not sleeping the night before.

Or I could blame it with messing around with interesting stuff on the web before bed.

I'm just going to keep going anyway.


Nov. 16th, 2009 10:39 pm
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Sadly I didn't win the ipod Touch raffle at work. But I did have a nice lunch with lots of different stuff anyway (and leftover dip!)

Alan had his gifted and talented class today with 2 others from his class and one from another class. He liked it a lot.

I'd write more, but I'm tired.


Nov. 15th, 2009 11:02 pm
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Weekend's winding down. Had a busy day checking a not so good catering expo at a local supermarket (no samples), Alan's end of season soccer party (he seemed to like it, not many of his friends were there though...he got a plaque this year, no trophy?) and then a birthday party for a friend of Alan's.

We got the birthday boy Lego Star Wars. We later went back to their house and eventually Alan got a turn at the game. He does pretty good with the game considering he's only played at friends houses and Game Stop (which has a Wii usually on display). He was also playing the boy's brother's Nintendo DS and doing good with that. He really picks the stuff up quickly.

Tommorrow we have "Bring Lunch to Work day". For lack of ambition, I'm bringing dip. It's sour cream + Tastefully Simple Onion Onion + a bag of veggie chips to put in it. I doubt I will win the $25.00 gift card for the dish voted best. But it gets me in the raffle for the iTouch :)

(I didn't feel like schlepping spinach lasagna to NYC, been there done that.)

Anyway off to face the first (and only) week this month I work 5 days. Going to be a LONG week, I think.


Nov. 13th, 2009 09:46 pm
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The good: Finishing assembling Alan's Lego Racer set. Somehow building Legos is fun :)

The not-so-good: Having a presentation at work aborted due to technical difficulties (and lack of people showing up) - but if the difficulties hadn't occured, there would have been a recording at least.

The nostalgia: Watching Avatar on Nicktoons (formerly on Nick). I think Alan has "discovered" another channel, even if it is still Nick stuff. (It was either Avatar or George Lopez :( ) (Note - this isn't the Avatar coming out soon, but the animated/anime one).

The looking forward to: Sleeping in late tommorrow with no plans!


Nov. 12th, 2009 09:58 pm
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Not sure if it was the day off or other things but at least today I didn't feel all grumpy and grouchy. But I was working from home today (and made spinach lasagna). We'll see tommorrow.

I'd write more but someone doesn't want to go to bed and is next to me reading the menu of a new restaurant in town - the Viking Restaurant (what would a Viking eat).

He just read "2 Litter Soda Bottles" - I have to chuckle at that one :)
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PB110563, originally uploaded by lesliepear.

A gray November day at High Point State Park in NJ. Wasn't really dressed warm enough but the scenery and views were worth the trip. A nice day out for DH and I. We also stopped at Layfette Village, a quiet Chinese buffet in Byram and found a neat thrift shop in Newton where we got a Battleship game for Alan whom we missed. If you click into the picture in flickr you can see some other shots taken today.

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Was kind of blah about my day off. Lots of work, little motivation. We were going to take a bus to AC to hang out, but the deals they offered were just cash to use at the Casino - no lunch, no show, not even real $ you could save and take home.

We talked about going into the city, but I really don't like going there when I'm not working.

Ended up coming up with going to Layfayette Village and High Point State Park. My MIL is coming along also. It will be nice but weird to be child free - Alan has school.

So tommorrow should be ok.

Another day

Nov. 9th, 2009 10:10 pm
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Not that much to write about

We have the open enrollment at work (Select your benefits time). Fortunately nothing really changed except the cost of the medical insurance. Not great, but at least I don't have to run around and figure whos in/out of network.In a year with no raises or a bonus for our division, it stinks to have something we pay for go up.

At least we get an employee only Xmas party. Surprisingly they are having it where they've had it the last 3 years. Either they got a good deal or are lazy. (It may be one of the few places that works for an office half in NYC and half in White Plains)

Been feeling kind of blah lately - work stress, low vitamin D, depression...not sure. trying fixes for the last two.
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DH and I were helping a friend of ours get setup on Facebook yesterday. We helped her search her class and find friends to connect with or not. It seemed however, some of her classmates appeared to have turned into dogs (cute ones though) based on their profile pictures!

She showed us her HS yearbook. It was interesting to see the similarities between hers, my DH's which I've seen and mine. She's class of 76, DH is class of 79 and I'm class of 80 - DH and our friend are from Bergen County, NJ and I'm from Nassau County, Long Island (NY) - so we are about the same age and same geographic region. The graphics/layouts back then were trully cut and paste with scissors and glue! And the people seemed to look younger at 18 then they do now.

I kind of like the idea of being able to find old HS and other childhood friends on facebook. Even if you don't want them to be friends in real life, it's nice to see how they turned out and if they look anything like the way they used to. Since I don't have my mom who knew many of my friends to run into them or their parents for news or to share stuff with about them wiith it makes me feel less alone. My DH has shared his HS friends on facebook with me, sometimes I've glanced at them thinking *I* should know them (we've found no common facebook friends from the past, although DH does know someone I went to college with - which when we figured this out a few years ago was amazing - DH's parents parents were friends with my classmates parents as they come from the same county in NJ.)

At least I am unwinding from work stress. I face a stressful week of unresolved problems and broken software (Q/A expects broken things to test, but this is really bad) - at least Wednesday I have off. DH plans to take off and we plan to take a bus to Atlantic City and do everything but gamble much (check the shops, eat a buffet, walk around - maybe a show). But the buses don't seem to be as promoted as they used to be. Maybe they aren't so popular with other options to gamble away $.

Personally, for gambling stuff - I'd either buy a lottery ticket or I'd rather spend 20.00 at a horse track. I like horse racing and am very happy with a tiny bet on a race. When I go I figure 20.00 is my budgeted spending money. If I lose it, I'm fine. If I come back with any of it great - but not trying to earn money or blow money needed on important stuff either.

Better crash soon so I can be awake tommorrow.
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Trying to get a post in this morning before we are busy for the day - to the Meadowlands Flea market and off to visit friends.

Making a shopping stop later on the way to our friends, returning a sweater to Old Navy (just doesn't do anything for me, cute cream/gray argyle with sparkly buttons - looks better on the maniquin). Then to Walmart for jeans for me. I finally found some I like and fit - "Faded Glory" in a size 10 petite and only 12.00. So I might as well get another color or black if they have it. The world is rushing to Walmart for the X-box 360 deal today and other pre-BF sales. Not jeans :)

Alan has started to develop a taste in clothes these days. He likes the clothes at Kmart a lot - we stoped there yesterday. He's even willing to wear shirts with buttons which he would do before - I think he can do fly pants too now. I see my cutie Gymboree matching days fading away. I'm not crazy about somethings he choses (not a big Camo fan) but there's other battles.

I also took him to Garden State Plaza (biggest mall here) for the first time in years. I stopped taking HIM there when he got out of the stroller stage because I feared him running off. We shopped nicely, he even put a with a little ladies stuff. But he loves the Lego Store and Game Stop. He's learning to be good at video games - surprising as we don't own any of the major games (yet). All we own are some odd handheld toys and one game-in-controller on his TV. But the DSi is coming soon - Kmart has a Black Friday deal for 5 games + DSi for the price of the DSi. But what 5 games I don't know. If it isn't anything he likes, I'll pass and try something else.

The really bad Sponge Bob is on again now - almost over though. At least this time it fit in a hour! (I just realized the tune at the end is "Oh Christmas Tree" with words of "Oh Crusty Crab"!)

I guess I did find something to blog about after all :)


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