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This happened in my hometown yesterday.

More info here

Me, in HS

Jan. 19th, 2011 10:49 pm
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Someone from the class behind me posted some photos on facebook - and I was just tagged in one. This must have been my senior year after I got contacts. Since I have so few childhood photos for whatever reason, it was nice to find it. I'm in the blue in the center. I think this was a club, but forgot which one.

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According to a post on a classmates facebook it was 30 years ago today I graduated high school! (I think it was the 21st, since I remember graduating on my mom's (50th!) birthday...)

Anyway, I feel old :(
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So I've been messing around on Facebook - I found quite a few people from back in my Elementary School days - it's been fun to see those names again (and sad as my mom isn't around to reminisce with me.) I really need to open the xmas card from my oldest friend from those days, I should get her on facebook too.

I also found facebook groups for the camps I went to as a child. Of all the camps I went to/worked at/located in my home town - I think only 3 are still around - one daycamp (Merrick Woods) (which I attended the summers of 1973 and 1974) and one sleepaway camp (Timber Lake Camp - no relation to Justin Timberlake) (which I attended from 1976 to 1978). The camp I went to in 1975 (Camp Bauman) appears to still be around, but under a different name (Coleman Country Day Camp). Sadly it appears that the last of the 4 day camps in Oceanside closed within the past year. At one time in the 1970's there were *4* day camps in Oceanside - Treasure Island, Camp Allen, Bar-H and Camp Debaun. I think Treasure Island closed first, Camp Allen closed after the summer of 1979 when I worked there and Bar-H (which was behind the condos I grew up in - I saw our backyard umbrella in group photos taken there) closed in the 1980's. Camp Allen and Bar-H were replaced by housing (townhouses) - not sure what replaced Treasure Island.

Merrick Woods now seem to run about 5K for an 8 week summer - which is comparable to the ones I've found in NJ. (I wonder what it cost in 1973 and 1974?)

So I think a full-service day camp experience for Alan is out of the budget at least this year - I really enjoyed my 2 years at Merrick Woods - I still have a wooden giraffe I made back then on display in my living room.

I think Alan will attend either the daycare in our town which has a camp program (not the one he used to go to) or one of the 2 local Y camps. Of course we have to work out the drop off/pick up. I was hoping for a more full service place as I'd like him to get swim lessons - the closer Y buses (45 minute ride though) to a state park with a lake daily so there is swim time - but the further Y has better hours with scheduled swimming (not sure if consistent lessons). And the local daycare might have swimming field trips at least) I wish the recreation program in our town was an option - but I think it runs like 8:30-4 - too early for working parents. I heard there was a recreation in an adjacent town with swimming - figuring out how to get him there and the hours might be a problem.

I figure the first year of transition from daycare scheduling to school year scheduling is the hardest - it should be eaiser after this.
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Got an e-mail from where I went to camp in 1973 and 1974


I looked at the photos on the site and some stuff looked familiar (amazed I remember so far back).

I won't be able to send Alan there (but would) as it's too far away from NJ.

That camp and one where I worked briefly in the summer of 1980

http://www.campdebaun.com/ appear to be the only ones left from my childhood.

Other ones I remember or went to in Oceanside, NY are gone: Treasure Island and Camp Allen (worked there the last summer it was open in 1979) and Bar-H Ranch (which was behind our house, I'd watch the summer swim shows from the street and spotted our house umbrella in the back of camp photos).

I wonder where Alan will go to day camp when he's older. (I suspect he won't be spending a summer in sleepaway camp like I did for 3 years - 2 8 week sessions and 4 weeks the first year).


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