Apr. 1st, 2010 12:28 pm
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Alan got a black eye yesterday during after care. He ran into a pole on the playground. He doesn't look so good but is ok. The school nurse (maybe the one they want to eliminate) called this Am because she was concerned. If it wasn't a 1/2 day before vacation, she would have wanted a doctors note. And she didn't want him in Gym (which doesn't have today). Nice to have them care, actually.

Speaking of the budget, all 3 of us went to the budget meeting which was interesting. 3 of the 4 teachers he has had were there (regular pre-k (39 year veteran), kindergarten and 1st). We had a packed house actually many of whom don't normally go to these things. The #1 concern was restoring the nurse position. Then I would say there was a split between art/basic skills. I was the only mention of the enrichment program - no one mentioned elementary Spanish.  Some people complained why wasn't music cut. My theory was that it was it is easier to teach art as a teacher (projects) than music in a regular classroom. The superintendant handled the meeting pretty well - he said they'd had 12 days to deal with this fiscal issue and make the budget. It did get a little contensious with 1 person and pushing the teachers to get a wage freeze. Their contract runs out in June. I hope all can go well so we don't have a strike or other messes. It was mentioned a wage freeze would probably save 6 teachers :(

We did get hit with a huge state aid cut and I will be writing letters/e-mails - I think the governor didn't cut the right things.

Alan goes on break starting tommorrow. I'll be off with him tues-friday. Hope I feel better so I can have fun. I got a cold - was going to go to doctor last night (I have asthma, all colds go to chest, bad thing) and get medicine, if not better friday will go then. Can't go tonight - dropping Alan off for a sleepover at a friends in a different town. They have friday off and then week after us. Would be so much easier if districts coordinated breaks sometimes.

I can't wait for spring and the nice weather this weekend!
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Vote was 114 to 1 for impeaching. Who was the person who voted "No"?

At least the Governors of NY (Spitzer) and NJ (McGreevy) who f*cked up (mostly on a personal life level) resigned before getting impeached.

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While I was in Alan's classroom today for his teacher conference today (which went well) I noticed they had done colorings of Democratic donkeys and Republican elephants which were arranged on the board as a chart (grouping the same symbols together). There were way more Republicans than Donkeys. I'm not sure how his teacher actually phrased the choice they had to make as to which to color (I'll ask Alan tonight). The only conclusion I can safely draw is that kindergarteners like elephants more than donkeys which political symbolism aside, I'd agree with!


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