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1. When was the last time you went on vacation (where a vacation means time away from work/school and not at home)?

April 2009, we took a Thursday/Monday road trip to North Carolina to visit a friend.

2. When on vacation, are you more likely to do and see as many things as possible or kick back and watch the world go by?

Kind of both - we aren't the type to sit still, but it is fun to relax in a comfy place.

3. You're visiting a new place. Would you rather go shopping or hit the museums?

Actually, we'd rather hit the outdoors (parks). But museums are fun also. We hit a few on our recent NC trip but also ended up at a mall, not to shop per say - but for Alan to check out the playground. We do however have a habit of hitting interesting supermarket/farm stands etc on road trips.

4. Where are your favorite vacation spots?

Ithaca where we go cabin camping each year. I also liked Toronto/Niagara Falls from our honeymoon.

5. Do you have any vacation-specific fears or worries, like a fear of flying or of forgetting your toothbrush?

Do car breakdowns count? We managed to have a dead battery on our trip to North Carolina. Fortunately this happened in a parking lot right in front of a Pep Boys (which we used after discovering AAA wanted $100.00 for a battery).  Forgetting stuff is a pain, but for the most part we vacation near places with stores, so I can get what I need. I do worry about forgetting my thyroid medicine since Rx's are hard to fill in other places.


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