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Today is my 5th anniversary on my job. Longest I’ve ever had ANY job. To mark that occasion there is no mail today. (Well, not really – it’s because of President Ford. However, on my first anniversary with Wang (which was an accomplishment at the time), Prince Charles came to visit.), so I’ve had unusual anniversaries before.

When I walked through Times Square this AM, there was still lots of confetti around blowing and on the ground. I noticed it had been decorated with the Target logo as they paid for the confetti this year. I hate to tell Target, that their New Year’s Eve sponsorship didn’t make me go there, but 75% off Xmas did!

Been a busy few days with [personal profile] luscious_purple’s visit. Saturday we saw our friend’s band @ Ikea – I liked them, but a cranky tired Alan fell asleep. I got some useful stuff including a basket for magazines, so the kitchen table can be kept relatively clean. I also was able to retrieve Alan’s summer stuff from my MIL’s. I got a scare because I couldn’t find half of it at first, but before we left, I did find the missing tote.

Sunday we did a lot of cleaning before [personal profile] luscious_purple arrived. My MIL took Alan to my SIL’s for a while which helped. I also ran to Shoprite for some odds and ends as well as spending the last of my medical FSA money on non prescription stuff. I’ll be submitting some receipts tomorrow for more than my balance, but better too much than too little. (Medical FSA is use it or lose it).

The year got off to an amusing start yesterday. First of all when Alan got up, he went into the living room thinking WE were there and surprised our guest who didn’t mind. Secondly, we went to zap pancakes in the Panasonic microwave. It zizzed and then stopped working. I’m thinking the fuse blew, but it isn’t user friendly to replace it. Mark found a refurbished Sharp for 52.00 and free shipping on Amazon fortunately. So we are microwaveless for a few days.

We all hit Target after breakfast. First we stopped by White Castle (which is right around the corner from us) so we could get a photo for someone – and got Alan 1 burger. He liked it. Then we hit Target’s 75% off Xmas. Our Target piled most of the Xmas stuff in the rear corner (except the holiday packaged makeup, which had no sale sign STILL – but was 75% off!) I found cleaner, sausage, cheese and a camping survival kit. Most of the Xmas stuff I didn’t need and it was picked over. But if you needed a tree, Xmas stocking, or pooh xmas layette, they had it. I then got a bag for the car seat for our trip. [personal profile] luscious_purple found some bargains too – and a cool pet tote which I wish I’d had when I had Moxie and Inky.

We then wanted to go to Trader Joe’s but it was closed. We then went to The Fireplace, a local burger place that just celebrated 50 years in business. Good homemade fresh stuff including pickles!

After that we came home, and our guest went home. After attempting to nap with Alan, I packed up the holiday stuff. Unpacking goes pretty quickly and it’s nice to have the room back.

I have to start packing for our trip on Friday. I have to figure out how you do toiletries now with the new TSA rules on liquids. So many years of packing expertise now tossed out the window!


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